1/31/2006 10:48:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Tonight's hour long episode featured the Las Vegas auditions. Not much to write about, because nothing much happened. Only 11 people were put through from that audition, and of the five or six successful contestants they bothered to show us, none of them really seemed like "finalist" material. If you missed the show, you didn't miss much. Waiting for tomorrow night.|W|P|113876949187763822|W|P|Idol Leaves Vegas Empty-Handed|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/31/2006 06:03:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Jose "Sway" Penala, a successful San Francisco contestant on American Idol 5, is no musical amateur, and that's okay. Several former contestants, including Carrie Underwood, Bo Bice, and Vonzell Solomon, had recorded in studios before, but were no longer under a contract or management company -- a prerequisite when entering the contest. So, what's different with Sway? According to Reality TV Magazine, he's a current member of a group called 6th Day, and currently under contract to a label called E-Real Records, and actually released an album after his audition! The question now is: is E-Real considered a "major" label, which would disqualify Sway from the competition? More as the show unravels . . .|W|P|113875269035781546|W|P|Sway -- No Amateur|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/28/2006 10:58:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|In the last 24 hours, the story about Clay Aiken's alleged tryst with a US serviceman have not only hit the supermarket tabloids, they're beginning to hit the mainstream press en masse. Most of the stories are no longer referring to it as an alleged event, but that Aiken is being outed -- the former Green Beret purportedly took and passed a lie detector test when selling his story to the National Enquirer. He also told the tabloid that he not only saved the washcloth, but the emails and text messages between him and the red-headed crooner. He also claimed that the sex started quickly, and was unprotected.|W|P|113846801689848180|W|P|Clay Under Fire|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/28/2006 10:52:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Fresh out of jail, and still smarting from being booted off of the 5th season of American Idol, Terrell and Derrell Brittenum's stars may still have a chance to shine. According to Canadian music website, chartattack.com,
Derrell and Terrell were on the morning show of Atlanta's WVEE-FM on January 23, where they revealed that they had been dumped from the show. According to host Frank Ski, the two were in a positive mood, singing in the studio and apologizing to American Idol fans for the mistakes they'd made.
Listening to that radio interview were people from the So So Def record label -- and before they left the radio station, the two were offered a contract!|W|P|113846749093713367|W|P|Brittenum Twins Out On Bail, Getting Offers|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/27/2006 10:31:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|The following article may contain links that some will view as lewd or objectionable in content. Follow the links at your own risk. Is Clay gay? And, regardless -- why would people care? I really don’t know, and really don’t care . . . but, recently the level of this “debate” of sorts has reached a level where the talk can’t be ignored, and it would be unfair for me not to cover it in a professional manner that’s respectful of the claims, and of the Idol in question.

Since American Idol made Clay Aiken a household name, people have been wondering and asking that question. They ask so much, that it’s nearly part of every biographical profile – including Wikipedia's. Rolling Stone magazine asked him the question directly in 2003, and he denied it, but that hasn’t stopped the stories and claims against his “straightness” that are starting to emerge in the mainstream media.

This year, a former U.S. serviceman (Green Beret) sold a story to the National Enquirer about an alleged encounter he had with the second-season runner-up. According to a certain John Paulus, Clay answered John’s online ad and the two began a courtship of sorts in the form of emails, etc. Then one night, the two met up at a Quality Inn in Garner, North Carolina, and . . . well, you can guess . . .

This is the tame version of what happened, and as was covered by the online version of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (yeah, it’s a real newspaper). The nastier version initially published by gossiper Billy Masters stated that Paulus also claimed that he could back his story with proof, namely the face cloth that Clay supposedly cleaned himself with after the encounter. Yeah . . . the Monica Lewinsky flashbacks are appropriate.

An earlier claim also made its rounds on the internet: that Clay had allegedly hired pornstar/escort Mario Cruz for a rendezvous, but the blog that initially made that claim is no longer up and running – only a remnant of the claim is left in a gawker.com article.

That’s it for the red and juicy, but there are the circumstantial claims, the “he-wouldn’t-do-that-if-he-were-straight” claims – and these are where you really begin to wonder. According to an article on realityblurred.com, Clay was a frequent persistent caller to openly gay Reichen Lehmkuhl (Amazing Race 4) while the latter was a housemate and cast member on Kill Reality, a pseudo-reality show on E! Television. Really! Now, if just that fact were true, how many straight men do you know who have gay “best-buds?” Friends – yeah, maybe – but, not phone-queens like the aforementioned article suggested.

And of course, there’s the one where he hired his very-gay personal hairdresser to be a dancer on one of his tours. So what, you ask? How many cosmetologists do you know that also happen to be professionally-trained dancers? Maybe in soap opera universe – but, on planet earth, it is still a strange coincidence. Obviously, he was given a big career break by Mr. Aiken – perhaps it was just out of friendship, and it quite possibly was just nothing more than that. For a straight self-proclaimed Christian, Mr. Aiken does have a lot of really close gay friends.

So, what does it all mean? It really doesn’t mean a whole lot – at least not to me. If Clay is, then there are really big financial reasons why he wouldn’t admit to it – the biggest reason being that his all-American mostly-white Christian fan base would abandon him immediately. He’d have to sing in karaoke bars to pay the rent, or teach special ed. I’m sure he prefers the lifestyle that he’s become accustomed to, so “either way,” I’m only surprised that some continue to wonder why Aiken’s answer to those questions would ever be anything other than “No.”

If their advice was asked for, I’m sure that many closeted gay music stars have explained to him just how to keep his secret life secret – even when the truth should obvious and apparent to everyone. But, I give too much credit where it is not due. Liberace, after all, was never officially gay until the day after he died.

If Clay is gay, then more power to him. If he’s not, then that’s okay, too. Being gay won’t make him evil, or sinful, a moral failure, etc., etc. – he’ll just be a human being like the rest of us. It doesn’t matter to me, but it does matter to a heck of a lot of people, and of all the shame that such a revelation could possibly bring to Mr. Aiken, the greatest shame of all should be to those people who would hate him for just being who he is – gay or straight.

|W|P|113842332672171575|W|P|The Oh! of "No" -- or, Why Clay Isn't Gay|W|P|admin@queertexan.com4/28/2006 06:15:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous kelli clarkison aka the chub|W|P|he such a fag! from a fag1/27/2006 12:18:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|In the second week of auditions, the show stopped in Greensboro, NC, and San Francisco. Sure, there was the now-famous "tiff" between Simon and the other two (he walked out), but the show snagged some contestants to send to Hollywood. As usual, some mediocre singers were approved, a few not-so-bad one's nixed (like Richard Garland from the NC audition), and a few sent to H-town for reasons other than superstar vocal feats. One reason that happened is because gimmicks seem to be really working this year. Although Simon rolled his eyes on one such attempt this week, and sent Lady Liberty out without a peep last week, it helped a certain military officer, Steven David, Jr., earn his ticket. The gimmick? Lay it on thick to Paula . . . and he did do so, veeerrrry heavily! Simon and Randy played along, especially when he asked Paula to dance with him. Paula whispered under her breath, "I'm not allowed to . . ." (Hmmm, was that a vague Corey Clark reference?), but the two pulled her out of her chair and into the arms of the eager contender. As they danced, Simon warned, "Don't get too close," another veiled remark about last year's controversy. After the audition (he got in, of course, despite an average voice), the judges all got the pleasure of meeting his wife. Paula was . . . well, disappointed. An IdolsRising.com prediction: Each audition sent at least one extraordinary contestant to Hollywood, and none were more extraordinary than the NC contestant, Paris Bennett, and California's Katherine McPhee. I won't mince words, but I would be very surprised if both of them didn't make the finals. In fact, I'm predicting that they both will.|W|P|113834427195786659|W|P|Idol 5, Week 2: Wrap-up|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/26/2006 09:05:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|The Bo Bice Diet

Why is Bo losing weight? Bo talks about losing up to 35 lbs over the last several months since his time on American Idol 5. Reason for the weight loss, according to Starpulse News Blog that covered his Access Hollywood interview?

"Wow, yeah, I've lost a little bit of weight. That's what happens when you have to get gastrointestinal surgery*." (referring to his stomach illness over the last year)

Carrie’s CBSnews.com Interview

CBS’s news website interviewed Carrie Underwood, last year’s American Idol winner, last week. She’s full of good things to say about the show, a change considering how some winners have been distancing themselves, and says this about the new season:

"I watched the first episode! I'm looking forward to seeing when people get narrowed down. I know how nervous they all are. I think it's awesome a show can be on top for so long . . .”

Click HERE to view and listen to a clip from her interview last year on CBS’ The Early Show when she sang “Inside Your Heaven" following it’s release. (realplayer required)

Brittenum Twins Barred from Hollywood

While Terrell and Derrell Brittenum may have wowed the judges in their American Idol audition, the producers always have the last word: and their word to the alleged lawbreakers is “Don’t come to Hollywood.” The show has officially revoked their ascent to the next level of American Idol.

|W|P|113833238196387405|W|P|Idols in the News 1/27/06|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/24/2006 12:55:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Just how real are the auditions? That's the question Reality TV Magazine, one of the web's premiere reality TV blogs, asked Crystal Parizanski, the "Tan Girl," after they noticed some inconsistencies in last week's premiere. What caught their attention was the fact that Crystal's audition seemed to be viewed in its entirety -- but, then we saw her again at the end of the show, warbling an awful rendition of "Lady Marmalade" in a different outfit. Parizanski told Reality TV Magazine:
I auditioned with the “And I Am Tell You” in front of them*. The “Lady Marmalade” was a SONG that was REQUIRED BY THE PRODUCER, for us, "the contestants" to learn within an hour, to perform in front of Nigel, the producer, NOT RANDY SIMON AND PAULA, as they made it seem. Also, furthermore the auditions did not consist of "one day" of auditioning, there were 3 auditions previous to the audition leading to Randy, Simon, and Paula.
*a reference to Randy, Paula, and Simon According to that article, a few other things seemed weird, such as the "Hollywood" ticketing of David Hoover, the bouncing, animal-loving, shoeless, tall guy. Reality TV Mag looks into it and discovers that David Hoover, aka Mr. Dubious, happens to sing a lot better than his performance on TV (maybe nerves?), and ponders as to whether or not the judges were aware of his previous work highlighted on his website (complete with CD samples). So, how much is real, and how much is fake? How much did they know, and when did they know it? As Arsenio used to say, it's just one of those things that make you go, "Hmmmmmmm!" Let the Senate sub-committee hearings begin!|W|P|113808796033875224|W|P|Just How "Real" are the Auditions?|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/23/2006 10:48:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|IdolsRising.com's profile on Clay Aiken, season-two runner up, has finally been updated . . . thanks to the many Clay fans who insisted on it, and especially to Lauren, who alerted me to specifics to add. Click HERE to go directly to that link. As I update each profile, Clay's profile will serve as the template for the updated, more info-packed articles. Be sure to add any information you want listed on your favorite idol under their profile! Check out our Profile Directory to locate your favorite Idol!|W|P|113807860518717756|W|P|Clay Aiken - Updated|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/28/2006 12:16:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous J'ason D'Luv|W|P|Clay Aiken can go suck it bigtime, like he did with John Paulus.1/23/2006 03:57:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|This week, American Idol goes to Greensboro, North Carolina and San Francisco, California, and shows us those auditions. Show will air on Fox (of course), Tuesday and Wednesday evening.|W|P|113805383558324057|W|P|Watching Idol: Week Two!|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/23/2006 03:33:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Brittenum Twins Update Year Five "Hollywood" bound contestants Derrell and Terrel Brittenum were re-joined Friday when Derrell, the until-then fugitive, turned himself in Friday related to charges of buying a car with a stolen identity. American Idol continues to refuse to state whether the brothers appear on any future episode of their hit show. Their lawyer states that they had nothing to do with buying their car with someone else's credentials. Sierra's Stalker Jessica Sierra's stalker, Daniel Young - in jail without bond, saw another court appearance today. Young left 38 messages on Sierra's voice mail, many that made Sierra feel threatened. Jessica placed 10th among finalists in the fourth season of American Idol.|W|P|113805335790747759|W|P|Idol Justice: Brittenum, Sierra Stalker|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/21/2006 11:59:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Want more Carrie? Want LIVE Carrie? Well, you have to watch FOX TV this tomorrow (Sunday, 1/22/06) during the NFC Championship game where she'll perform the National Anthem. Check it out . . . the game starts 6:30/5:30 Eastern/Central standard time.|W|P|113786706138043826|W|P|Carrie Underwood "Torches" the NFC|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/21/2006 11:36:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has blasted American Idol 5 for homophobic language, and is asking for a meeting with the show's producers. The reason: Simon asked one contestant to shave his beard and put on a dress (essentially calling him a "girl"), while Randy asked another if he actually was a girl. In Simon's case, it was obvious that the remark was mean-spirited, but Randy's question seemed honest enough -- after all, the young man was dressed in girl's clothing, had a girl's hair style, and appeared feminine enough to actually appear to be one. However, there's always more to it than that -- obviously, these two auditions were "sensational" enough out of the tens of thousands of auditions they did for this week's two shows to warrant airplay, which means the show's producers might have been counting on gay prejudice, or anti-gay fervor, for those segments to be funny. And, obviously, Simon Cowell's overt prejudice needs to be looked into: he seems to wait until contestants leave the room to make fun of their weight problems, but it's open season if they're slightly feminine. So, GLAAD cried foul. Good for them. This issue needs a little light on it. Yes, this season does seem a little meaner . . . but, is it me, or is this "meanness" coming from the judges?|W|P|113786624019928845|W|P|Idol Judges Slammed for Homophobia|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/23/2006 11:02:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous Derek|W|P|A morning show brought up a good point this morning. Isn't GLADD jumping the gun here and perpetuating the stereotypes they rail against so vehemently. Neither of these guys claimed to be gay. The first guy was very shocked at Simon's suggestion and gave the impression that he didn't know why he would even offer it up. The other guys went on and on about getting tired of people thinking he was a girl while dressing every bit like one. There are effeminiate men in this world who are not gay. There are cross-dressing men in this world who are not gay. I wasn't even in the realm of thinking "gay" with the first guy until Simon opened his mouth. One does not necessarily equal the other, but GLADD is implying that. They are reinforcing 2 steretypes that they have denounced over and over again by rallying around 2 people that we don't even know what their sexual identity is. They can't have it both ways.1/20/2006 03:18:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P| Jennifer Fuentes, second season semi-finalist, has finally landed some show-biz work -- as vocalist and co-ringmaster of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus! No cruise ship crooning for her, Jennifer will now be singing to lions and sweaty kids, amidst the aromas of cotton candy and elephant manure. It's show-biz work . . . but, I'm sure it's not what she imagined! Ugh!|W|P|113779220919131679|W|P|Fuentes Now a Circus Star|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/20/2006 11:06:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P| Tarzan Idol exposed! Playbill.com, a theatrical press giant, is now claiming that a third American Idol finalist is now working on Broadway. Josh Strickland will star in the new Disney musical on that famed street, and according to that publication, he was a “national finalist” on American Idol, a claim repeated on Broadway.com in his “star file.” Josh Strickland may have participated in American Idol, and he may have gone to Hollywood, but he is not profiled on any American Idol website as ever having been a “finalist,” a term usually saved for the “final” group of contestants that America votes on. In fact, he is not on their website at all (any season) as having been a contestant or “rest of the best,” idolonfox.com’s profiles for finalists and semi-finalists. We wish Mr. Strickland the best, but we hope he’s more truthful in his resume from now on! Clarkson Songs Cleared Kelly Clarkson, season one champ, has agreed to allowing her songs to be performed on American Idol, according to a report on ChicagoTribune.com. A spokesperson for her label said the dispute arose because he wasn’t aware that her management team was in negotiations with the show over song performance. American Idol Reruns American Idol is officially going into syndication through the Tribune and Sinclair-owned TV stations, only covering 55% of the US. Also, a new report from Magna Global USA shows that such syndicated shows have a negative impact on the original show’s ratings – we’re hoping that it doesn’t! (Media Daily News)|W|P|113777725107685235|W|P|Idols in the News (1/20/06)|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/20/2006 09:22:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous American Idol News|W|P|This stuff is great isn't it? http://americamidol2.blogspot.com/1/19/2006 01:08:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|One day after American Idol returns, the media is abuzz with Idol-related news. Here’s a few stories:

Clarkson Nixes Bad Press Clarkson’s publicist responded to media reports that she’s refusing to allow material on the 5th season of the show, with Simon Cowell joining in on the condemnation of her supposed snub.

So what happened? The publicist stated that there was no refusal, that the two sides were in standard negotiations over the broadcasting of her licensed music, and that Kelly was “happy to hear her song, Since U Been Gone on American Idol. . .” according to a report on Billboard.com.

Sounds good to me, so why the fuss? Perhaps a little pressure from the boys at the Fox show to make the negotiations go their way, perhaps?

Idol Attracts Record Viewers 35 million people tuned into American Idol Tuesday night, their best premiere yet and Fox’s highest ratings “ever for entertainment programming in total viewers and its second-best numbers in adults 18-49.” (Billboard)

Jessica Sierra Attracts Stalker Jessica Sierra, (10th place, year four), was surprised to discover that one of her fans meant her harm: in the form of multiple threatening messages on her voice mail, and “showing up at her grandmother's Florida house uninvited,” according to a report filed by the Miami Herald. The man was charged, and arrested.

Tennessee Twins (Year Five) In Jail So, I guess this means they didn't survive Hollywood, a segment yet to be aired on American Idol 5. Instead of progressing to another round, Terrell and Derrell Brittenum have been arrested for buying a car using another man's identity last June, according to a report filed by Canada.com. Let the Year Five Scandals begin!

|W|P|113769805343146014|W|P|Idols in the News (1/19/06)|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/18/2006 11:42:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P| Welcome to our site! We've had a lot of new visitors recently, so here's the short version of who we are and what we do (long version, see "About IdolsRising.com" on the right). Idolsrising.com ranks all former American Idol contestants based on their real-world show business success after their time on the show. Our primary ranking list is the TOP TEN, which as you can imagine, details the top ten most successful contestants (Kelly, Clay, Ruben, Carrie, etc.), then the contestants fall down to the Ladder, a list ranking those who've done show biz work since, but haven't made the Top Ten. Everyone Else -- those who've done no real show biz work; Waiting in the Wings -- a short list of those contestants with major deals in the works. We also profile each contestant whose accomplishments placed them on the first two lists, and their profiles are searchable on those lists, or by the Profile Directory (located at the bottom of the Rating Lists section). Everyone in all four past shows - who at least made it to the semi-finals - is on one of those four lists. Thirdly, we're a real-time blog, which means you can check with us for all the latest American Idol news, gossip, reviews, etc, and for recaps on the show itself. Check back with us often! New this week: the Profile Directory, and a TON of new links! Hope you like what you see -- drop us a line before you leave! -Jay Ketcherside, editor|W|P|113760387397962309|W|P|Your IdolsRising.com!|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/18/2006 11:41:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Kelly Clarkson is still refusing to license her music to Fox's American Idol, according to a new AP article. Simon, the mouthy judge, Cowell has issued a rebuke as well, saying:
"I think that by ignoring the show you're ignoring the audience who put you there. No matter how talented Kelly Clarkson is, she would not be in the position she's in now without winning this show. And forget the way she feels about us or the producers or anybody else, or the terrible songwriters she alleges she was with which sold her millions of records. It's the public who bothered to pick up the phone to vote for her. If she refuses to give songs to be used on the show, it's like saying to every person who voted for you, `you know what? Thank you. I'm not interested in you anymore.'"
While I can certainly understand their frustration, I wonder what Kelly's side to this is? Surely it's not as arrogant as AI's producers are making it out to be. And, if they were so great, why were Kelly, Clay, and then Mario Vazquez so eager to unload them at the first opportunity (the last two requiring legal help to do so)?|W|P|113760674907701597|W|P|Kelly's Still Refusing . . . Part 2|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/17/2006 09:48:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|On television sets across North America, millions tuned in to the season premiere of Fox TV's American Idol, waiting for a glimpse at who would be their next American . . . well, you know. We heard a lot of duds, and a few good auditions, and those were very, veeeeery few. But, we're all aware of how American Idol producers edit the show . . . they could have sent 100 people to Hollywood from Chicago, but that doesn't make good TV. At the end, we saw a young lady diss another who walked out with her ticket to Hollywood (first lady didn't), and when the potential "Idol" invited the complainer to strut her stuff, she did . . . and, she could really sing. But, we didn't see her performance in front of Simon -- granted -- she may have froze up, or over-performed. That's what we expect from the judges -- regardless of what the producers edit during the early part to make everything is spicy for the ratings, we know that the judges will pick the right people for the true talent part of the show. Toward the end, a spastic, hyper-active young man bounced toward the building, screaming, jumping, then bragged to Ryan Seacrest about "talking to animals." When Ryan asked, "In English?," the young man enthusiastically replied: "Yes!" "Verbs, adverbs, adjectives?" "Yes!!!" The young man bounced into the "arena," and performed an original song. His voice meandered all over the place, but you couldn't really tell if he was out of tune . . . since he wrote the song. (Ahem). After the show, Simon asked what the young man felt they should say after that performance, and the young man screamed "You're going to Hollywood!!!" He then broke out into a spastic dance, falling the floor, jumping up and down. I wasn't sure if I was watching Fox, or the Exorcist . . . you get the picture. Apparently, the hotel workers must have released marijuana gas into the AC ventilation system (if there is such a thing), because, Randy . . . after a philosophical moment, and pleading by the kid, . . . said "Yes." Paula, saying she was doing so "for her own reasons," agreed. Simon rolled his eyes, and asked the two if they were insane after the boy bounced back out of the room, screaming as if he were in a "Holy Ghost" fit. And people say Simon is mean? Meet one of your American Idols, folks . . . the boy's name was David Hoover. And, for special reasons unknown to anyone with musical talent, he's going to Hollywood.|W|P|113755698340531247|W|P|Your next American Idol: David Hoover|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/08/2006 05:38:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous Anon|W|P|I'm a performer with a fairly well known English band.

Not many of the people who get to Hollywood are great singers; a lot of them in the auditions hit many bum notes. There is this great thing called AutoTune which ends up making decent singers sound very good; listen to a Christina Aguilera record and you can hear it clearly at work.

There are always the exceptions; but that girl who was criticizing was not excellent; good, yes; but not spot on.1/16/2006 10:01:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Carrie Underwood, whose debut album, Some Hearts, is now double platinum, has now passed up Fantasia for total records sold, making her our new #4 on IdolsRising.com's TOP TEN list! Watch out Ruben . . . she's on your heels!|W|P|113747075320404161|W|P|Carrie Bumps Fantasia on TOP TEN list|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/15/2006 01:46:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|While an AP writer says that Ryan Seacrest is possibly the real American Idol, Phil Rosenthal of the Chicago Tribune gives us the low-down on who it really is: the show itself. Talking about all the money, he says:
"Not willing to take chances, Fox moved late last year to secure up to six more seasons of the program. A recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission notes the network is on the hook for $99.5 million in license fees to CKX Inc. for the next four seasons, which are guaranteed, and then $77 million for another two years, assuming "Idol" gets the ratings at which automatic renewals kick in."
Discussing fame itself, he says:
"The competitors--even "Idol" winners Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino and Carrie Underwood--come and go as far as their talents take them. The show has proven it is bigger than any of them."
Regardless of who the 5th season official winner is, it's obvious that the richest and most popular will always be the show itself.|W|P|113735438972737387|W|P|The Real American Idol|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/14/2006 12:23:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Is Constantine really going to release a solo album, and what about Mario? If you've been wondering whether or not your favorite season four contestants were going to release albums or not, worry no longer! Though there's not much official word, many of these stars have confessed: "Yes, there's an album in the works." Here's what we found by drudging the web:

Constantine Maroulis (solo) – spring/summer ‘06 Mario Vazquez – early ‘06 Vonzell Solomon – March ‘06 Anthony Fedorov – late summer ‘06 Nadia Turner – summer ‘06 Nikko Smith – ’06-’07? (under own label)

The top two on the list are involved in two rather large upcoming projects, and are on our Waiting in the Wings list, while the other still linger in Everyone Else until something more substantial materializes.

|W|P|113726302774315314|W|P|Season 4 Idols to Release Albums|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/13/2006 10:18:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Although she made a career for herself crooning to other people's tunes, first year winner Kelly Clarkson isn't allowing some of her music to be aired on American Idol 5, according to executive producer Nigel Lythgoe in an article by Reality TV Magazine.
"In this season of conflict, there also appears to be some potential problems with past contestants. In regards to Kelly Clarkson, Lythgoe said “it appears that Kelly isn’t clearing some of her music for American Idol which is very strange.” Lythgoe went on to add that he wasn’t sure if Kelly was aware of this and that he felt things would be worked out."
Let's see: in the season four finale, the executive producers decided it would be best to do Saturday Night Live skits to exonerate one host of possible extracurricular activities with a particular Idol contestant, and mock those who tried out and couldn't sing ala' Gong Show style. I don't know . . . maybe they could have had a more professional finale, featuring past winners, all of whom were working their asses off to make a career? It seems to me that the whole point of the show is to sell the idea that "you can be a star," and part of that could be highlighting the careers of those who've gone on before . . . but, maybe I'm wrong. The highlight of last year's finale was Carrie and Bo -- the rest of it was elephant manure. So, I'm not surprised that a contestant who no longer needs the show doesn't want to participate . . . number one, she's not asked to participate in a way that promotes her career (wasn't the last time she sang on the show season-friggin'-two???), and number two . . . the producers keep upping the Gong Show gimmick. And secondly, the whole world knows about the draconian contracts . . you know, the reason Mario quit? Maybe she feels she's paid enough, and Americans generally don't appreciate the whole British concept of eternal subservience . . . we're more quid-pro-quo, and it doesn't seem that they've scratched her back in a very long time. But, I can't wait to see the show anyway . . . but, if a producer happens to read this: less cowbell, okay?|W|P|113721353325702179|W|P|Kelly Won't Clear Music for Idol|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/17/2006 11:12:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous egates|W|P|I agree, Kelly has been very successfull without the show probably the most successful of the all to date .1/13/2006 08:45:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P| Julia DeMato, second season finalist, is trying to avoid jail time for a drunken driving/drug possession arrest that happened in early December last year. If she finishes a alcohol education and community service program, the charges will be dropped. When it's all finished, she will join the small, but interesting list of ex-cons and ex-felons that have made it on to America's number one show. Unlike Scott Savol or Corey Clark, she waited until after the show to get a record! Julia, currently #30 on our LADDER, has had one bit of success since the year Studdard swept the show: she's been a judge on Oxygen's Meow TV.|W|P|113720771999116639|W|P|DeMato Dodges Detention|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/13/2006 10:02:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|I can't believe I'm making such a useless post, but there it is . . . four more days until the next American Idol! Can you believe it? It'll be popcorn, coke (the soda version, thank you), and my list of possible contestants -- although that will be useless until later on in the show. BTW, concerning the last post, I fully intend to keep everyone up on the "who's in the finals/semi-finals gossip!)|W|P|113716826220843356|W|P|Four More Days!|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/12/2006 10:06:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Wanna know who your "secret" American Idol 5 contestants are? How about the final 44, or the final 24? How about the finalists? Already, rumors are floating around the 'net, some complete with pictures of finalists posing with their "Hollywood" papers (hmmm, wasn't all that supposed to be a secret?). Several Idol-detectives have done some snooping, and are cashing in on little known "trail" left by Idol executives on the show: finding out what domain names their company has registered. Several names were registered by that company in early December, and cobbled together with rumors from "people who know people" and pics posted on the internet, a list of semi-finalists (or pre-semi-finalists) is making the rounds. Many of the names are the same, and so, we can at least expect that some of these people made it at least as far as Hollywood, but many claim personal knowledge that these contestants went as far as the semi-finals. Here's a list of names circulating, and I make no claims on how well they've done or haven't done:

Ace Young Bobby Bullard Chris Daughtry Jose Penala Patrick Hall Taylor Hicks Paris Bennet Ayla Brown Becky O'Donahue Brianna Taylor Brooke Barrett Smith April Walsh Mandisa Hundley Kellie Pickler Jordan Southerland Heather

There are quite a few more rumored contestants, but these are the one rumored to have gone further than "Hollywood." So, clip, paste, copy, print, and compare as we watch Season 5! Here's where I've heard the most consistant rumors: http://idolforums.com/index.php?showtopic=393698 http://www.slimtainment.com/idol/|W|P|113712593089680247|W|P|Your Season 5 Contestants!|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/13/2006 08:06:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous Lauren|W|P|well that kind of kills the surprise doesn't it? (not blaming you, i'm just saying lol)1/12/2006 09:06:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Waiting for a season where contestants hug, giggle, and profess love for each other? If you're thinking you'll get it on the next American Idol, think again! Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe is preparing a nitty-gritty year to spice things up a bit, and some of it has him actually stirring the pot. Nigel reported to the LA Times' CalenderLive.com that this year's contestants seemed a bit more "attitude," but he did something with that bed of ants; he stirred them up. He admitted to the Times that he
"toy(ed) with contestants about whether they're in the winning or losing group as they nervously wait for their results each week."
Nigel also said to expect more coverage of contestant infighting (it won't be edited out this year -- just the curse words), and to see more of the judge's spats. I dunno . . . to me, I know they showed the one fight between Simon and Paula last year, but I'm not sure I'm interested in Extreme Idol -- I kinda like American Idol myself. But that's just me. Also reported, they will not change the often tinkered with semi-finals/finalist format from last year. It will be boys against the girls among the semi-final 24, with the final twelve being 6 boys and 6 girls. I think that part worked great, but I still miss the "wild cards," since it was a benefit to a few people (Clay Aiken, the most notable).|W|P|113712282227925869|W|P|Lean, Meaner American Idol|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/13/2006 08:25:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous Lauren|W|P|yeah i agree... i like AI because the people on it do NOT act like the people on other reality shows. They're generally classy and usually don't show any type of fighting. I think it's impossible to imagine that everyone always got along, but I think for the most part they did. I know Clay completely bonded with Kim L, Ruben, and Carmen and then later with Kelly when they toured together. btw speaking of my man, did you get my email? ;)1/12/2006 10:00:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Carrie Underwood, season four winner, is breaking all kinds of records. Her album, Some Hearts, has just broke 2,000,000 in US sales, making it a certified Double Platinum. This makes hers the best American Idol debut in that show's history, and it's also the best debut Country album in history as well. Check out a review of her new album by the Nashville Scene. Watch out Kelly! At this rate she'll catch up in no time! Already, she'll be jumping up on our Top Ten list at the next update (end of the month).|W|P|113708204844652779|W|P|Underwood Breaks Records|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/12/2006 02:54:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous Lauren|W|P|no it doesn't.. Clay Aiken shipped double platinum in ONE WEEK lol.1/12/2006 04:21:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous aexapo|W|P|Well, we're both slightly wrong. After a bit more careful research, I discovered that Clay's debut album sold 600,000 the first week, Carrie's only sold 315,000 week one. Clay did not get platinum certified the first week out, and his sales petered out before making it to triple platinum. At this point, Clay has sold more -- but that distinction will be short-lived. Carrie's album is stronger on the charts (lasting longer), and, according to Billboard, has sold more albums in a six-week period than any other American Idol debut project. I should have said "fastest selling" instead of best, an accomplishment it will reach in another week or two.

Source: http://www.answers.com/topic/clay-aiken
http://top40-charts.com/news.php?nid=198031/10/2006 10:53:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Tonight, fans of the show and of the premiere season's winner, Kelly Clarkson, had a double treat when they watched the 32nd Annual People's Choice Awards on CBS. Why? Because the show picked up the award for Favorite Reality Show Competition, and because Kelly picked up Favorite Female Performer in the Music category. Randy Jackson accepted the award for the show, saying that he kind of knew what it felt like to win American Idol, while Kelly was nearly tongue-tied as she gushed over the award presenter, actor Josh Lucas (Stealth, Sweet Home Alabama). American Idol and Kelly . . . Keep up the good work! For those new to our blog, Kelly is #1 on our TOP TEN list of Rising Idols!|W|P|113695590753502843|W|P|Kelly Clarkson, American Idol Win People's Choice|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/10/2006 10:52:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Year Three runner-up Diana DeGarmo has had a very good year -- very good considering that her post-Idol album had Guarini-like sales leading to her departure from her Idol-appointed record company. Early this month, her USO tour was written up in headlines everywhere, and this week, it was reported by Playbill that DeGarmo will join Tony Award winning Melba Moore to head the touring version of Broadway's "Brooklyn." Diana may not have made her star on Billboard, but she's definitely brighter on Broadway!|W|P|113691234553182007|W|P|Diana DeGarmo to Star in "Brooklyn"|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/07/2006 10:38:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Breakaway: #3 album for 2005 It's official! Kelly Clarkson's sophomore album, Breakaway, is the third best-selling album for all of 2005, beating Madonna, Green Day, and others. According to PR Newswire, the album, now in it's 57th week of release (and on the charts), has sold more than 4 million copies in the US, 7 million worldwide. Studdard, Aiken Rise Above on Religious Charts Former Idol contestants Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken took top Christian positions on year end Billboard charts, according to the Christian Post. Studdard's I Need an Angel was Number 1 on their Top Gospel Albums chart, and the Top Gospel Artists chart. Clay Aiken followed with the the number one album on their Top Christian Albums chart, with his Christmas release, Merry Christmas, with Love (released in 2004). Idols on the Charts Foxes on Idol does a terrific job keeping up with former American Idols on the weekly charts. Check out how they were doing the last week of 2005! (Watch out for pop-ups!)|W|P|113665392770265249|W|P|Idols in the News (1/07/06)|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/07/2006 12:32:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Welcome to IdolsRising.com, a new blog dedicated to profiling and ranking former contestants of the Fox TV hit show, American Idol. That'll be our primary purpose, though we'll also be a "regular blog," informing you of the news about current and former stars of that show, as well as providing opinion on each week of the new season! Stay informed! Bookmark us, and subscribe to our atom feed, or to our email list. Check out our "official" ranking lists, starting with the TOP TEN, then our LADDER, then the rest. Check out "About This Blog" to find out exactly what we hope to accomplish, and how we rate each star. IdolsRising.com is now officially open!!! Any ideas? Right now, we're graphics poor, and link poor . . . but that will improve with time. Simply post and tell us what you think, and how we can improve! |W|P|113661597686426608|W|P|Welcome!|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/06/2006 11:56:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|IdolsRising.com; the first blogsite completely dedicated to the careers of our favorite contestants on the hit Fox TV show, American Idol. That show promises hundreds of thousands that audition that one of them will become a celebrity; complete with a recording contract to launch their superstar career.

American Idol has made more music stars than any other talent show in entertainment history. Alumni from this show have sold more albums, and their tunes have hit more radio waves, and made it on more play and sales charts than any other “new artist” engine out there. Anyone who has made it to the semi-finals of that show has a greater chance of a show-biz career than just trying to get an audition with a music executive on their own, or by appearing on other talent-search productions.

IdolsRising.com exists to check out just how that’s all going for the former winners, finalists, and semi-finalists of the show. We’ve researched each and every one of them, created a personal profile for those who’ve found some success (no matter how little), and have ranked them according to their celebrity power and success!

Our ranking categories include:

  1. Top Ten: The Top Ten is the premier list of this site. It rates the 10 most powerful contestants from all of the completed seasons, ranking them according to how they are competing with each other in show business overall. We will not restrict our ratings to musical performance alone. The #1 ranking will always be who is the most powerful and successful celebrity in either music, TV, movies, and/or theater, without regard to placement on the American Idol series, the second placer being the second most successful, etc. These rankings will include anyone who made it to the round where the viewing public was able to vote, this usually being the final 30 or 40 contestants of any given season (the semi-finals) – regardless of whether or not they were voted off, withdrew, or were kicked off the show for any other reason. People who leave the “top ten” will fall to The Ladder.
  2. The Ladder: The Ladder is the second tier ranking list, listing everyone who has had some measure of success, but not enough to make it to the top ten. The rankings are a continuation of that first list, with former contestants ranked and profiled in a similar manner.
  3. Waiting in the Wings: Waiting in the Wings is a watch list for promising talent from the show with upcoming albums or movie deals. When those deals reach success or failure, they will generally move to another list – to the Ladder, or if they’re lucky, to the Top Ten.
  4. Everyone Else: Contestants with no significant career improvement since their time on the show fall on this list. Basically, everyone who isn’t on the other lists, people who’ve done absolutely no show business work. People from here can rise to the Ladder, or to the Top Ten, but usually not back down. These artists are generally not profiled.

The Rules:

IdolsRising.com is tracking the careers of all the contestants of American Idol who’ve at least made it to the semi-finals, regardless of how they place, or whether they were removed from the show. IdolsRising has four charts to do this with, and for former contestants who are on the most important three, they will each have their own entry, explaining how and why they’re there, and how they did on the show.

Each entry will list their qualifying information. Such information includes record sales, air play, TV appearances, movie parts, etc. What it will not list is their appearances on American Idol during the season in which they participated as a contestant, or on any media where they were promoting their career, or discussing their time on American Idol. TV appearances, for example, are limited to shows where the former contestant appeared as a character in a series or movie, comedy or drama, or as a contestant in a TV game or non-AI reality show. Talk shows or news programs aren’t applicable at all, unless the former contestant is performing work as an anchor, host, correspondent, etc. Qualifying information will also not include prior show business work (before their time on the show) in any industry.

Music work history will include any albums, singles, compilations, and videos that are made for general sale to the public. Home-made tracks or videos that don’t qualify for radio play, or are only available by download are not applicable. TV shows and movies must have been broadcast or transmitted to the general public via broadcast, cable, or satellite networks, or through theaters, or for sale as DVDs. Work that has not been broadcast or transmitted, or has not yet been published or released, will not be used as criteria for our rating purposes.

Artists or fans cannot pay to have a former contestant’s rating changed or improved, or sponsor their listing. To prevent any perception of favoritism, former contestants of American Idol and fan clubs/sites for these former contestants may not purchase advertising for this website.

IdolsRising.com will also serve to commentary and opinion on the show, it’s contestants and former contestants.

|W|P|113661428212857896|W|P|About this Blog|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/06/2006 11:47:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|What is IdolsRising.com, and what do you hope to accomplish? First of all, IdolsRising.com is NOT simply another American Idol fan blog. Sure, we’ll cover the series, but 5,000 other fans are already doing that, and we hope to provide an actual service to AI fans, and fans of that contest’s winners – not simply give our opinion (but, we’ll do that, too).

So, what exactly do you do? We rank former contestants of American Idol from all the past and current seasons according to their celebrity power and success SINCE they’ve left the show. We do this in four different categories:

  1. The Top Ten: this list categorizes the overall celebrity status of the top ten former contestants based on sales and other assorted ratings. Each former contestant is ranked numerically according to his position of relative celebrity status and power compared to the others on the list.
  2. The Ladder:This is a mixed categorized / non-categorized list, picking up where the Top Ten left off. Artists in this category without work that can be rated will not have a place assigned to them, and will be listed alphabetically under the categorized artists. These are mostly artists who’ve done some celebrity work, made record deals, cut albums, been on TV, radio, or film, due to their time on American Idol, but haven’t done enough (or done well enough) to make it in the Top Ten.
  3. Waiting in the Wings: this is a non-categorized list of former contestants who have major record, film, TV, or theatrical deals in the works, but no appreciable work before now. It is impossible to rank the future, so we simply list these artists alphabetically.
  4. Everyone Else:Those former participants who’ve had no show business work, that we can tell, as a consequence of their participation on American Idol.

So, how do you categorize them? By using data from the music, movie, television, and radio industry to ascertain how popular the former contestants are and have been. Since this data is naturally fluid, our rankings will be as well, especially when another artist beats their success.

The work categorized is the work listed under each artists entry, and only the work performed after their time on the show will be considered – not show-biz work they did before. Work will also not consist of tour dates, musical appearances on TV shows, or any sort of promotional work done to promote their artistic endeavors. Appearances as a contestant on American Idol do not count as work that can be categorized, nor will albums or singles recorded by contestants while they were still part of the show.

What if you miss something? Currently, God and the multitude of other omniscient entities are not part of our fact-finding staff, so if you know something about a particular artist that we haven’t included, simply reply to the relevant post, and inform us. If it’s relevant, and we can verify it independently, we’ll use it on our next applicable update.

Hey, can I write for Idols Rising? Sure; but first you’ll have to meet the following criteria: 1) You love to spend your time writing about a topic you’re insanely bananas about for absolutely free (that means it’ll be “volunteer work,” you won’t get paid), 2) You’ll have to already be a participating reader, which means sending in corrections by posting/email, or digging up research on contestants we didn’t even know were now singing on the Carnival Cruise Lines, etc., and 3) We’re kinda particular – we give preference to current (and successful) bloggers, message board moderators/administrators, web-masters, etc. (i.e. people with verifiable internet “detective,” journalistic, and/or web content/management skills), not to AI fans who simply want to tell the world, “Hey, I watched the show last night, and I really liked it! No wait; I really liked it!”

If that’s all you wanna do, simply reply to any post . . . we love fan mail.

So, what makes you so special? Well, first; I love American Idol . . . no wait, I really love American Idol. I know: it’s insane, it doesn’t create world peace, and it certainly doesn’t jive with my politics . . . but, I can’t turn it off.

Plus, I have the experience listed in the FAQ before. In 2001, I created a message board network for former members of a particular religious sub-sect, which has since evolved into a non-profit organization, working now as a support and recovery network for people who felt manipulated or abused by that sect.

What is your affiliation with American Idol? We are not affiliated with American Idol, Fox TV, Freemantle Media,19 Productions, J Records, or any of the companies affiliated with that show, or its sponsors. We are simply an information, ranking and review service, and do not intend to infringe on any copyright, trademark, or other registered product, symbol, or insignia owned by any company associated with the show or its sponsors.

|W|P|113661330717931184|W|P|FAQs|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/12/2006 11:28:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous Craig|W|P|Will you make mentions for past contestants that were cut in Hollywood (or earlier) yet got recognition?1/12/2006 04:23:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous aexapo|W|P|I will only cover, at least on the ranking charts, the contestants that at least made it to the semi-finalist round. If other contestants make the news, I'm likely to cover it, but I won't include them on my charts. Reason? There's just so many people I can keep up with! LOL!1/14/2006 01:09:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous aexapo|W|P|Oh, and the other reason I'm only starting with the semi-finalists (and not the "Hollywood" ticket holders) is because this is the group of contestants that the public actually gets to vote on.1/06/2006 07:42:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|#1 Kelly Clarkson (8.2), the first year winner, remains the all-time American Idol champ, regardless of the rising ratings of the show, and the success of succeeding champions. Nearly 10 million albums sold world-wide from her two releases, Thankful, and Breakaway, two Grammys and six top ten singles have made her the reigning queen of the American Idol alumni, and on this list. Her Profile #2 Clay Aiken (4.1), the second year runner-up, is a distant second, but has earned his spot with nearly 4 million copies of his two albums, Measure of a Man, and Merry Christmas With Love. He’s already done three tours – one with Clarkson, and two Christmas tours. He has the distinction of being the only former contestant to beat the winner of the same contest year in record sales. His Profile #3 Carrie Underwood (3.5) is easily one of the most popular entertainers ever to win the contest (year four), and she did so by competing against an extraordinarily talented group of fellow contestants. Her album (Some Hearts) is now the best-selling debut album for an American Idol contestant (now, certified triple platinum), and moves up her up to number three! Watch out Clay Aiken! Her Profile #4 Ruben Studdard (3.2) the Velvet Teddy Bear, winner of year two, with over 2.2 million total album sales with his hit record, Soulful, and his follow up gospel album, I Need an Angel. Due to his success, he won the NAACP award for best new artist in 2004. His Profile #5 Fantasia won in the third year, surprising and winning over judges and viewers with her unique soulful voice. Her album, Free Yourself, has sold over 1.8 million albums, and won music fans over with such singles as Truth Is and Free Yourself. Her Profile #6 Bo Bice finished a close second in 2005, but is selling quite a few albums, The Real Thing selling 470,000 total so far. This album will help Bo climb this chart as well. His Profile #7 Josh Gracin took country music by storm after his fourth place finish in year two, behind the likes of Aiken, Studdard, and Locke. His debut album, Josh Gracin, sold over 57,000 copies the first week (a country first), and ended up with sales of over 219,000 units. His smash hit, I Want to Live, helped a little with that! His Profile #8 Kimberley Locke was the third place contestant in the second season, and she’s definitely one of the hardest working. Her album, One Love, chalked up 208,000 units in sales, and made her single 8th World Wonder climb Billboard charts. A second album is in the works, and she spent her free time this year as the host of Word Slam! on GSN. Her Profile #9 Diana DeGarmo came in second behind year three’s Fantasia. She had a big voice for such a small frame, and garnered many fans with it – selling more than 160,000 units of her debut album, Blue Skies in 2004. DeGarmo is now starring in a San Jose’ production of West Side Story . . . as Maria. Her Profile #10 Justin Guarini finished second behind Kelly Clarkson in the show’s premier season. Although he’s been called the laughing stock of the show – since he nearly won, then his album flopped – his fans consider him to be one of the most underestimated, and as much a victim of bad publicity and zero promotion as anything. Both he and Kelly’s musical careers were stalled as they were both forced to make that lame summer flop, From Justin to Kelly, and Justin’s debut was further delayed due to contracts that forced his album to be released much later after hers. When it was finally released, he immediately had to compete with the second year single releases by Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken. Despite this, his first album, Justin Guarini, sold 150,000 units, and he has recently released a self-produced jazz album, Stranger Things Have Happened. His Profile
The Top Ten list is compiled by data from various media reports; each sales or rating tally using the latest available information at the time it was posted. To notify us of corrections, please reply to this post, and we’ll amend as soon as we research the matter and complete our next update.
This list will be updated periodically, and at least at the end of each month. |W|P|113659898801007571|W|P|IdolsRising's TOP TEN|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/18/2006 01:04:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous jamie johnson|W|P|Give Carrie time and she will make Simon's predictions true. I believe she will sale more albums than any previous American Idol. She's just awesome!1/18/2006 06:00:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous Melissa|W|P|Just updating the Clay facts -- Clay has done 6 tours total, not 3. He did the American Idol 2 tour, then the Independent Tour with Kelly. He also did a summer solo tour (which had no name, so it's known as the "not a tour tour" among the fans), this summer's Jukebox tour, and Joyful Noise 1 and 2.1/19/2006 06:51:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous Me|W|P|Yeah, Carrie would have beat out Kelly if Kelly didn't have so many albums and singles out. Carrie only has one album out and is at #4 on this (GO CARRIE!). I'm sure that she with time she will become #1. I have a question... Why does it say Carrie has sold more than 2 albums? Well duh she has sold more than TWO! I'm sure everyone that has come out with a album has sold more than TWO. I think they made a type there...

I <3 CARRIE!!1/19/2006 08:47:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous aexapo|W|P|Hey, me.

Thanks for the word up on the typo . . . fixed.

JK1/23/2006 03:22:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous Rob|W|P|Did you blog about Diana's two new theatre gigs?5/22/2006 09:23:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous Lannie|W|P|I adore the extremely talented and nice Justin Guarini. What a class act he's been in spite of all the crap he's had unfairly thrown his way. It's frustrating to see lesser talents who were far less popular strive while he's become a target of unwarranted abuse. Glad to see you acknowledge it.

Time for the nonsense to end and for him to garnish the accolades he deserves... in every way.1/06/2006 07:22:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|The LADDER What happens if an American Idol Contestant doesn't win, gets a deal, but still isn't on our Top Ten list? The fall to the LADDER . . .
The first third of “the Ladder” is (for now) dedicated to former contestants who have cut full-length albums. Stars from stage, screen or TV may rise higher than these on the Ladder at editor’s discretion.
#11 Coming in at #11, is first year favorite, Tamyra Gray. She seemed one of the hottest singers of that premier year, especially with Simon. When she left the show in fourth place, she became the first contestant to sign a recording contract – which unfortunately didn’t result in an album until two years later. Poorly produced, and near-to-no publicity, it has the distinction of being the lowest selling album of the major contracts awarded from the show. Her Profile #12 #12 place goes to LaToya London, a season three finalist whose album Love & Life sold at least 12,500 copies, and spawned a Billboard hit, Appreciate (#8 on the Hot Singles Chart). Her Profile #13 Jasmine Trias comes in at #13, the very popular finalist from year three who transformed her appearances into success on commercials and other promotional appearances in Hawaii and the Philippines. Her album, Jasmine Trias, has sold at least 9,000 copies. Her Profile #14 Our #14, with two cuts under his belt, George Huff's first full-length Christian CD, Miracles, and a Christmas EP from last year, My Christmas. Huff’s (year three) latest has made it to two Billboard charts, Gospel and Christian. His Profile #15 In at #15, John Stevens (year three) also signed a record deal to cut a jazz album, Red, which debuted at #5 on the Billboard Jazz chart. His Profile #16 From year one, RJ Helton(#16) made his splash on the Contemporary Christian charts with his album, Real Life. His Profile #17 Jim Verraros (year one) was American Idol’s first openly gay star, and made his splash with his dance album, Rollercoaster, along with the single, You Turn it On, which made the Billboard Dance Chart. He’s our #17. His Profile
The next third of this list, at this time, is dedicated to those who’ve found full-time show biz work as a result of their endeavors.
Our #18 is Frenchie Davis (year two), who rose above being evicted from the show to a Broadway star. She’s now a principal actor in Rent, the mega-smash Broadway hit show. At #19, we have Matthew Metzger (year three), who’s appearances on the show led to his full-time job on the ABC soap opera, One Life to Live. At #20, we choose Kristen Holt (year one), who went on to become a correspondent for several shows, and is now the host of Cheat! on the G4 cable channel. We choose Kimberly Caldwell as our #21, who’s used her popularity to land multiple correspondent jobs, and several small TV spots.
The remaining third are people who’ve cut some sort of record or single, been on some sort of TV show, movie appearance, or stage production. They are categorized by their placement on the show. Click on their names for their profile.
Nikki McKibbin #22 Trenyce #23 Carmen Rasmusen #24 Christina Christian #25 Ryan Starr #26 Jon Peter Lewis #27 Camile Velasco #28 Amy Adams #29 Julia DeMato #30 Charles Grigsby #31 Mikalah Gordon #32 Vanessa Olivarez #33 Corey Clark #34 Ashely Hartman #35|W|P|113659808676860082|W|P|The LADDER|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/06/2006 07:18:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Waiting in the Wings Will any of them be the next star, or the next dud? Who knows, but members of this list all have one thing in common: a big project in the works (and nothing really of consequence before). After a time, former contestants on this list will rise to the Top Ten, or fall to the Ladder. This list is not ranked. Constantine Maroulis Constantine had a small career in show-biz before: fronting his own rock band, leading roles in touring and off-Broadway musicals . . . but saw his potential fortunes rise with American Idol, year four. His biggest fortune of all may materialize in a planned mini-series partly based on his life: it’s “My Big Fat Greek Family” without the wedding, plus he’s a guy. Watch for it on ABC. Jennifer Hudson Okay, real quick . . . guess which American idol is about to star in a major motion picture with Jamie Foxx and Beyonce’? Kelly? Clay? Ruben? Fantasia? Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. It’s Year Three’s seventh placer, Jennifer Hudson – one of the former “three diva’s”. The movie: Dreamgirls (adapted from the stage musical). The role: Effie White, the role that made Jennifer Holiday a household name. Again, she’s got the starring role – she’s not simply a member of the cast. Mario Vazquez Year Four; one contestant quit just as he place in the finals. Rumors swirled, but now he’s signed to release a record with the J Records label. Many thought he would win year four – we’ll see if he can win the airwaves!|W|P|113659685203727373|W|P|Waiting in the Wings|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/03/2006 01:12:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Finalists Carrie Underwood – winner Bo Bice – second place Vonzell Solomon – third place Anthony Federov – fourth place Scott Savol – fifth place Constantine Maroulis – sixth place Anwar Robinson – seventh place Nadia Turner – eighth place Nikko Smith – ninth place Jessica Sierra – tenth place Mikalah Gordon – eleventh place Lindsey Cardinale – twelfth place Remaining Semi-finalists Aloha Mischeaux Amanda Avila Celena Rae David Brown Janay Castine Jared Yates Joseph Murena Judd Harris Mario Vazquez Melinda Lira Sarah Mather Travis Tucker|W|P|113774139311803414|W|P|Directory - Season Four|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/03/2006 01:06:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Finalists Fantasia Barrino – winner Diana DeGarmo – second place Jasmine Trias – third place La Toya London – fourth place George Huff – fifth place John Stevens – sixth place Jennifer Hudson – seventh place Jon Peter Lewis – eighth place Camile Velasco – ninth place Amy Adams – tenth place Matthew Rogers – eleventh place Leah LaBelle – twelfth place Remaining Semi-finalists Ashley Thomas Briana Ramirez-Rial Charly Lowry Elizabeth LeTendre Eric Yoder Erskine Walcott Heather Piccinini Jesus Roman John Preator Jonah Moananu Kara Master Katie Webber Lisa Leuschner Lisa Wilson Marisa Joy Matthew Metzger|W|P|113774111656329935|W|P|Directory - Season Three|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/03/2006 12:59:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Finalists Ruben Studdard – winner Clay Aiken – second place Kimberly Locke – third place Joshua Gracin – fourth place Trenyce – fifth place Carmen Rasmusen – sixth place Kimberly Caldwell – seventh place Rickey Smith – eighth place Corey Clark – ninth place Julia DeMato – tenth place Charles Grigsby – eleventh place Vanessa Olivarez – twelfth place Remaining Semi-finalists Aliceyn Cooney Ashley Hartman Bettis Richardson Candice Coleman Chip Days Equoia Coleman Frenchie Davis George Trice Hadas Jacob John Smalley Janine Falsone J.D. Adams Jennifer Fuentes Jordan Segundo Juanita Barber Kimberly Kelsey Louis Gazzara Meosha Denton Nasheka Siddal Olivia Mojica Patrick Fortson Patrick Lake Rebecca Bond Samantha Cohen Sylvia Chibiliti|W|P|113774077720953716|W|P|Directory - Season Two|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/03/2006 12:50:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Finalists Kelly Clarkson – winner Justin Guarini – second place Nikki McKibbin – third place Tamyra Gray – fourth place RJ Helton – fifth place Christina Christian – sixth place Ryan Starr – seventh place AJ Gil – eighth place EJay Day – ninth place Jim Verraros – tenth place Remaining Semi-finalists Christopher Aaron Alexis Alexandra Bachelier Christopher Badano Natalie Burge Khaleef Chiles Rodesia Eaves Brad Estrin Kelli Glover Adriel Herrera Kristin Holt Jamar Jazmin Lowery Angela Peel Tanesha Ross Melanie Sanders Mark Scott Gil Sinuet Tenia Taylor Justin Waddell|W|P|113774029365435789|W|P|Directory - Season One|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/02/2006 11:00:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|George Huff George Trice Gil Sinuet Hadas Heather Piccinini J.D. Adams Jacob John Smalley Jamar Janay Castine Janine Falsone Jared Yates Jasmine Trias Jazmin Lowery Jennifer Fuentes Jennifer Hudson Jessica Sierra Jesus Roman Jim Verraros John Preator John Stevens|W|P|113773348228716522|W|P|Alpha Directory G - Joh|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/02/2006 10:47:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Leah LaBelle Lindsey Cardinale Lisa Leuschner Lisa Wilson Louis Gazzara Mario Vazquez Marisa Joy Mark Scott Matthew Metzger Matthew Rogers Melanie Sanders Melinda Lira Meosha Denton Mikalah Gordon Nadia Turner Nasheka Siddal Natalie Burge Nikki McKibbin Nikko Smith Olivia Mojica|W|P|113773278399999500|W|P|Alpha Directory Le - O|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/01/2006 10:41:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Everybody Else is the list of former contestants who’ve yet to make a showbiz career for themselves, or will never make it. Once a contestant creates such work, their name will move to “the Ladder.” Finalists AJ Gil Anthony Federov Anwar Robinson EJay Day Jessica Sierra Leah LaBelle Lindsey Cardinale Matthew Rogers Mikalah Gordon Nadia Turner Nikko Smith Rickey Smith Scott Savol Vonzell Solomon Semi-finalists Adriel Herrera Alexandra Bachelier Alexis Aliceyn Cooney Aloha Mischeaux Amanda Avila Angela Peel Ashley Thomas Bettis Richardson Brad Estrin Briana Ramirez-Rial Candice Coleman Celena Rae Charly Lowry Chip Days Christopher Aaron Christopher Badano David Brown Elizabeth LeTendre Equoia Coleman Eric Yoder Erskine Walcott George Trice Gil Sinuet Hadas Heather Piccinini J.D. Adams Jacob John Smalley Jamar Janay Castine Janine Falsone Jared Yates Jazmin Lowery Jennifer Fuentes Jesus Roman John Preator Jonah Moananu Jordan Segundo Joseph Murena Juanita Barber Judd Harris Justin Waddell Kara Master Katie Webber Kelli Glover Khaleef Chiles Kimberly Kelsey Lisa Leuschner Lisa Wilson Louis Gazzara Mario Vazquez Marisa Joy Mark Scott Melanie Sanders Melinda Lira Meosha Denton Nasheka Siddal Natalie Burge Olivia Mojica Patrick Fortson Patrick Lake Rebecca Bond Rodesia Eaves Samantha Cohen Sarah Mather Sylvia Chibiliti Tanesha Ross Tenia Taylor Travis Tucker|W|P|113609041487630526|W|P|Everyone Else|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/12/2006 11:27:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous Craig|W|P|Have you seen that site? It includes Lisa Leuschner's album - with a second one coming soon.1/12/2006 04:24:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous aexapo|W|P|Which site?1/12/2006 09:52:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous Craig|W|P|www.lisaleuschnerfans.com - also www.successionrecords.com1/12/2006 11:19:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous aexapo|W|P|Kewl. Thanks for the info. I'll move her up to the Ladder on the next update.3/11/2006 07:42:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous Maaian|W|P|http://www.hadasmusic.com/ That's Hadas Shalev's site - amazing1/01/2006 09:20:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Rules for adding your link to IdolsRising.com! It's real easy . . . believe me. Rule #1: Your website must be about American Idol in some form or fashion Rule #2: Your site must be decent (no naughty words or pictures) Rule #3: You must have already added a link to my site on yours. Then, email me, and tell me the 1)Name of the site 2)URL of your site 3)Something about the site 4)Where you put a link to IdolsRising.com. Of course, I reserve the right to refuse any request, but I will mostly honor any request that meets those rules and provide that information. So, email me!|W|P|113772758030752503|W|P|Add your link!|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/20/2006 01:52:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous Caitlin|W|P|The purpose of Claymate Restaurant is too relax, have fun, and rant if you want to if your having a bad day, make friends, and talk about our bf 24/7! This is also a place where non Clay fans can get together and chat. We want to make everybody who joins comfortable to talk about anything, and start topics of there own. The Claymate Restaurant is where we can serve food and drinks and just enjoy other peoples company and have a good time3/11/2006 08:59:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous SunnylovesSoul|W|P|My site carries information, videoes and pictures about Tay Hicks. He's one of the most unique contestants to hit this show.

Last season I blogged for Bo Bice;
Bo Bice; Rising Star

I'd love to be linked with your site, you cover all the Ai contestants.

I have you in my link section.

Thanks.5/11/2006 12:08:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous C.H. Trurh|W|P|http://coldheartedtruth.com/?blog=7

Overall American Idol page with a bit of reality television on the side... piggy backed onto a more nationaly prominent Polical Blog it has a built in audience...6/03/2006 06:58:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous Tuan|W|P|ADVERTISE FREE AT LOW-ADS.COM now !6/03/2006 06:58:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous Tuan|W|P|ADVERTISE FREE AT LOW-ADS.COM now !7/05/2006 02:38:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous tony scott|W|P|Would be nice if we had internet american Idol.
www.beatyourprice.com1/01/2006 08:32:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Kelly Clarkson has done something no other Idol contestant has been able to do -- transcend the show itself into superstardom, making her the only contestant to ever really achieve the fame promised by Fox TV’s American Idol. We bow to the Queen . . . Kelly Clarkson! 8.2 - IdolsRising Score Music Albums: Breakaway (2004) Five times platinum selling album (5 million US), over 9 million copies worldwide. Thankful (2003) Double-platinum selling album (2.5 million US), over 4 million copies sold worldwide. Singles: A Moment Like This (2002) platinum Miss Independent (2003) gold Breakaway (2004) double platinum Since U Been Gone (2004) five times platinum Behind These Hazel Eyes (2005) double platinum Because of You (2005) Movies From Justin to Kelly (2003), starring role. Television American Dreams (NBC), starring as Brenda Lee, one episode. Multiple music promotion appearances. Awards Too many to list. But, here’s some highlights . . . Grammys:2 in 2006 (Breakaway, Since U Been Gone) 2004, nominated (Miss Independent) AMA’s: 2005, winner – Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist People’s Choice: 2006, winner – Favorite Female Performer MTV VMA’s: 2005, winner – Best Female Video 2005, winner – Best Pop Video Bio (Wikipedia) Official Site|W|P|113616934480988686|W|P|Kelly Clarkson|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/01/2006 08:28:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Clay Aiken has been one of the most successful American idol contestants – despite himself. When we first saw him on the second season, his confidence was almost humorous (he told Simon and the others that he knew from watching Year One that he could have either won, or placed second). He was gawky, red-headed, freckle-faced, and we “all knew” that this would be one of those “gong-show” auditions . . .

And then, Clay opened his mouth . . . and sang. His voice was everything he said that it would be, and the judges quickly forgot his “image problem.”

Clay placed a very close second to that year’s winner, Ruben Studdard, who also suffered from the same “image problem,” and both slammed the airways and the sales charts with their singles – with Clay not only besting Studdard, but also Kelly Clarkson’s debut (the first champ) on the charts. Clay’s single went on to be the fastest selling single since Elton John’s Diana tribute (Candle in the Wind 1997), while his album became the fastest-selling debut of a new artist in ten years.

Clay is currently #2 on our Top Ten list of most successful former American Idol contestants.

4.1 IdolsRising.com Score Music Albums: Measure of a Man (2003) 2.7 million copies in US (double platinum) Merry Christmas With Love (2004) 1.2 million copies in US Singles: Bridge over Troubled Waters (2003) platinum The Way/ Solitaire (2004) 322,000 sold Television Scrubs (NBC), as Kenny in one episode (2005). Ed, (TBS) as Himself (2004) A Clay Aiken Christmas, NBC (2004) - featuring Barry Manilow, Yolanda Adams, and Megan Mullally

Awards: American Music Awards 2003 – Fan’s Choice Award, winner Billboard Awards 2003 – Besting Selling Single, Best Selling Christian Album (won both)


2005 – The Joyful Noise Tour 2005 (36 cities in November, December) The Jukebox Tour (26 cities July through September)

2004 -- The Joyful Noise Tour (28 cities in November, December) The Not a Tour Tour (50 cities in July through September) The Independent Tour (w/ Kelly Clarkson, February through April)

Bio (Wikipedia)

Official Site

Fan sites (the best) Clay Aiken Official Fan Club http://clayonline.sparkart.com/ Finding Clay Aiken http://www.findingclayaiken.com/ The Clayboard http://p071.ezboard.com/btheclayboard Clay Aiken Fan http://www.clayaikenfan.com/ (feel free to suggest sites dedicated to Clay or Clay fans)

|W|P|113616913554833209|W|P|Clay Aiken|W|P|admin@queertexan.com1/25/2006 06:55:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous Barbara Blachura|W|P|He won't be stalled long!!!!!!!

Barb in MI1/25/2006 12:54:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous Nageea|W|P|When did he say he could have won or placed second? I've not heard that. When and in what circumstances did he utter those words?1/28/2006 12:14:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous J'ason D'Luv|W|P|You forgot to add how he got it on with some Army Ranger in a motel over Christmas... unprotected, I might add. What a gay slut. Come read about it on my site, dolls!