2/28/2006 09:06:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Brenna, Ayla, Heather, Katharine, Kelly, Kinnik, Lisa, Mandisa, Melissa, and Paris. All ten sang tonight -- two will go home Thursday. Most of you watched the show, so I won't profile the songs, but here's who I think is safe, and who will go home.

Best performance of the Night: Paris Bennett, who not only had the courage to sing the world's most oversung song, "Wind Beneath My Wings," she made you feel like you did the first time you heard Bette Midler sing it. The judges weren't impressed -- again, telling her (as they slammed Kinnik last week) that the song was too old for her. Didn't get that, but -- hey -- I don't get paid several million dollars a year, either. Madisa is a close second, proving that she can belt out a song better than anyone else. Hampered by song choice and a song she obviously wasn't comfortable singing. A strong third was Kelly Pickler, who sang Bonnie Raitt's "Let's Give Them Something to Talk About," and like Paris' performance, making us feel like we hadn't heard the song before. A little rough, like Simon told her, but she's easily one of the most likeable contestants -- plus, she can sing, too! There won't be a lot to keep these three out of the top 12. The problem with the girls this year is that so many of them are potentially very talented, and one small misstep (such as song choice) can get them knocked out of the competition (ala' Patrick Hall). A few, like Melissa McGhee and Ayla Brown, have given consistently good performances, but they have both about tapped out their talent and will only continue when those who've been better really flub up -- and there's been a lot of that with the girls this year. Case in point: Lisa Tucker, clearly a favorite of the judges, sang a song so safe I can't even remember it, and don't have the motivation to even rewind the DVR to find out what it was. She was perfect, but really didn't connect tonight the way Paris, Mandisa, and Kelly did. Early favorite Katharine McPhee also flopped this week . . . poor song choice robbed us of a week of marveling over her well-groomed voice. The worst: Heather Cox by far. She chose "Hero" by Mariah Carey, and sung it about as well as the maid-of-honor who sung it at your cousin's wedding . . . your cousin's second wedding.

Second worst: Brenna Gethers, who once again failed to deliver, proving that she's more of a balloon with hot air than a rising star. Surprise eviction? It will Kinnik Sky -- who may lose out on Thursday due to a very poor song choice. Those of us who know how well she can sing should vote until the numbers are worn off our phone pads . . . that's the only way this girl will blow her pipes on Idol again. She can blow for sure, but she didn't show it tonight. Okay, the Save Kinnik campaign is TOTALLY on again!

---------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE VISIT OUR SPONSOR! Avon calling! Order Avon products ONLINE and have them shipped DIRECTLY to your home! Check out the ordering site from a preferred representative . . . and tell her "Jay" sent ya!|W|P|114118289580696055|W|P|Then there were Ten|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/25/2006 11:09:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P| This week's four evictees were interviewed by MTV, and said a little about why they thought they were voted off. Becky O'Donohue is perhaps one of the most straightforward, stating she doesn't know why she was eliminated, and refuses to make excuses (like blaming the Maxim spread -- which we don't believe was responsible for her removal, either). Stevie Scott said she was sick that day, Patrick Hall said he was "handicapped" by his reliance on a piano (I think he's a wedding singer or something), while Bobby Bennett simply acknowledged that his Copacabana performance may have simply not been his best. Hats off to Bobby and Becky! They'll go a lot further acknowledging their own mistakes, and improving on them as they seek out new paths in that business we like to call "show." ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE VISIT OUR SPONSOR! Avon calling! Order Avon products ONLINE and have them shipped DIRECTLY to your home! Check out the ordering site from a preferred representative . . . and tell her "Jay" sent ya!|W|P|114088774428205896|W|P|MTV Interviews the Dearly Departed|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/23/2006 10:38:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|This from ZDNet.com:
The steamy, belly-baring photographs of "American Idol" contestant Becky O'Donohue, which have ignited a miniscandal, have also hobbled MaximOnline.com.
So much traffic poured into the online site of the popular men's magazine today that they had to reformat how the pictures were presented . . . the hits were slowing the site, nearly crashing them! Becky may have been booted off the show, but she's already too hot for the internet! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE VISIT OUR SPONSOR! Avon calling! Order Avon products ONLINE and have them shipped DIRECTLY to your home! Check out the ordering site from a preferred representative . . . and tell her "Jay" sent ya!|W|P|114075628049097731|W|P|O'Donohue too Hot for Maxim|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/23/2006 07:59:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P| Becky O'Donohue was first to be evicted in tonights' results show, the first week where American voted their choice. Her performance was aired before the interest surrounding her Maxim spread hit full swing -- had Extra aired their piece a day earlier, she may have received the most votes (considering the overwhelming interest). Following her was the worst male performance of the night -- Bobby Bennett, who was followed by the worst of the females, Stevie Scott. Patrick Hall was a surprise fourth eviction, but he wasn't anywhere near the best of the males. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE VISIT OUR SPONSOR! Avon calling! Order Avon products ONLINE and have them shipped DIRECTLY to your home! Check out the ordering site from a preferred representative . . . and tell her "Jay" sent ya!|W|P|114074736623154455|W|P|And the Losers Are . . .|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/23/2006 07:27:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Becky O'Donohue, the first semi-finalist to create a media sensation with her prior model work with Maxim magazine (she appeared with her sister, Jessie), is the first of the semifinalists to be voted off the show. This eviction was predicted by sports-betters -- she was the odds on favorite to be voted off tonights' show. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE VISIT OUR SPONSOR! Avon calling! Order Avon products ONLINE and have them shipped DIRECTLY to your home! Check out the ordering site from a preferred representative . . . and tell her "Jay" sent ya!|W|P|114074463576865405|W|P|Maxim's O'Donohue - EVICTED|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/23/2006 04:48:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|This Week's LEAD STORY Move over Brittenum Twins, meet the O’Donohue’s . . . well, at least the one that’s on American Idol. Becky O’Donohue brought some of the “twin” magic to this year’s competition, one of three talented twin sets to make it to Hollywood (though her sister, Jesse, couldn’t participate due to throat problems), leading this season to be dubbed by at least one of the judges as the “Year of the Twins.”

Things haven’t turned out so well for any of them. Joshua and Jarrett Simmons didn’t make it past Hell Week, and the infamous Brittenum twins nearly deconstructed before being hauled off to jail on an identity theft crime.

So, perhaps it was only a matter of time. The day the semi-finals started, Extra revealed that Becky O’Donohue, the last surviving twin on the show, had done a provocative layout in Maxim magazine with her sister, Jessie. Blogs, such as IdolsRising.com, who were fortunate enough to have her name in our tags and keywords, have received unprecedented hits as people tried to discover more information about the O’Donohue’s and their photo shoot.

Rumors of that shoot were old news to O’Donohue fans, and considered scandalous – especially since the pictures contain no nudity, and since former semi-finalist from season two Ashley Hartman had also posed for that same publication in the past.

So, what’s made the story so titillating? Probably the hype from Extra, who dubbed their coverage of this non-event as the “Dirty Little Secret Exposed” – an obvious effort on their part to find anything on any semifinalist to create a ratings boost for their show.

Interestingly, some are wondering if insider information may have been responsible for the leak. Extra correspondent Terri Seymour is seen showing the Maxim video to Idol judge, Simon Cowell. Connection? The two are dating.

In related news, Becky is the odds favorite to be evicted in tonight’s elimination show, according to the sports betting site, Gambling911.com.

Maxim’s O’Donohue “video”

Maxim’s O’Donohue layout

Other coverage O’Donohue’s Sexy Background Revealed

Idol Singer strikes a Sexy Pose with Sister

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|W|P|114072578136990186|W|P|Double Trouble and the Cowell Connection|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/23/2006 04:35:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Last night's boys competition showed the most talent in the men's section of American Idol since the competition began. Even last year's roster full of crooners and divas can't compare. The TOP FOUR from last night (who I've nicknamed "The Four Bulls," because, by talent alone, would seem unbeatable) are: 1) Elliot Yamin ("If You Really Love Me") - best vocals, and according to Simon, the best in five years. 2) Ace Young ("Father Figure") - best performance 3) Chris Daughtry ("Dead or Alive") - safe, but terrific performance 4) Jose' "Sway" Penala ("Reasons"), who showed glimpses of greatness Honorable Mentions go to Patrick Hall ("Come to my Window"), Bucky Covington ("Simple Man"), Gideon McKinney ("Shout"), Taylor Hicks, and William Makar. And the "I'm Not Good Enough to Be in this Competition" Awards go to Kevin Covais ("One Last Cry"), David Radford ("Crazy Little Thing Called Love") . . . with the winner (Worst Performance - Male) being Bobby Bennet, who sang "Copa Cabana" so terribly that Simon compared it to a horror flick. This should be the three America chooses from to evict their two this week. The catch is . . . America's voting. Surprise eviction? Bucky Covington (a good talent, but too raw, and zero charisma) or even Elliot Yamin (who's got the chops, but not the looks). Results . . . tonight. LIVE! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE VISIT OUR SPONSOR! Avon calling! Order Avon products ONLINE and have them shipped DIRECTLY to your home! Check out the ordering site from a preferred representative . . . and tell her "Jay" sent ya!|W|P|114073489322767088|W|P|The Four Bulls|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/22/2006 11:49:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|To answer the question the majority of our viewers today are searching for -- yes, Becky O'Donohue (American Idol season five semi-finalist) and her twin sister Jessie were in a previous edition of MAXIM magazine, a men's publication. Dressed scantly in baseball attire, they made several "sportsmen-like" poses as provocatively as they could, and often with their shirts unbuttoned (although, all points of interest were covered . . . barely). To check out their pictures on MAXIM online, just click HERE (I've already found them for you). To check out the short video they made for the MAXIM website, click HERE. Have fun, and come back and see us! P.S. And here's Ashley Hartman's MAXIM spread as well (second season semi-finalist). ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE VISIT OUR SPONSOR! Avon calling! Order Avon products ONLINE and have them shipped DIRECTLY to your home! Check out the ordering site from a preferred representative . . . and tell her "Jay" sent ya!|W|P|114063115472649698|W|P|O'Donohue's in Maxim (and Ashley Hartman, too)|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/21/2006 09:01:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Twelve girls bore their heart on soul on American Idol tonight, and Idol judges gave their opinions -- and they were mostly on target. Simon said there were "four great performances," and others were just safe. Two weren't very good, and one . . . unbelievable for this season (the show being in its prime) . . . was absolutely awful. However, on performance, Randy and Simon were the ones that were a bit off: they blasted Kinnick Sky's performance of "Get Here," one of the most stirring performances of the night: Randy said "It was a bit sharp," and gave it a six out of ten, while Simon said it sounded "very cabaret," and tore into her about her age (28), and how she compared to the "young pretenders." The hypocrisy was as thick as curdled cream. For starters, this season is backed up behind a season where many of the final twelve were mid to late twenties (being the first year with advanced age limits), and secondly, there were several of the younger singers performing songs much older than themselves. There was a slight moment of sharpness, but she played it off and wrapped the song up beautifully. Randy compared it the original performance by Oleta Adams, but how many of the 16-17 year olds that performed tonight have even heard that performance? I'm twice as old as most of them, and I can only remember Justin Guarini crooning it to Paula, and singing it on the final show. Not only were many of the songs older than the performers, two others blasted the judges into idiotic ooing and ahhing -- with cabaret-style songs (Lisa Tucker, I Am Changing & Katharine McPhee, Since I Fell For You). Apparently, Simon and Randy were salivating all over the young blood, and bombed Kinnick over her most profound quality that set her apart from the rest -- her maturity. If you want to help save Kinnick Sky, dial NOW and dial OFTEN!!!
So, I'm sure you're wanting to know about the others. While I'm currently rooting for Kinnick, she wasn't the best, but was better than half. The following gave average, boring performances, and mostly played it safe. The SAFE Sisters Kelly Pickler (Simon said she had a "potentially" good voice) Ayla Brown (Simon said it was the first time she had used emotion, and that it was less robotic) Brenna Gethers (really blasted by Simon and Randy, who both expected something more "catty") Mandisa (Randy: "sharp", Simon: "wasn't perfect") I think more was expected, since she is presumably one of the better singers. Some weren't very good at all, and here they are . . . Bottom of the Barrel Becky O'Donohue (Simon gave her voice "6.5", while Randy "praised" her by saying that she proved "you don't have to have the best voice!") The truth? She sounded like Cher, and that only proves that the public is willing to buy a sexy woman's album . . . even when she sounds like a drunk cat in heat. All three judges need to have the wax pulled out of their ears! Heather Cox (Randy said "boring," Paula said, "not a great performance," and Simon said it was "forgettable," and that her personality "just evaporated." Melissa McGhee was excited about her first performance on American Idol, and Simon agreed that it was better than a lot, but "lifeless." Stevie Scott may have been classically trained, but her limp falsetto vocals tonight sent Randy daydreaming, and Simon scolded her, telling her that she "messed that up." Worst performance of the night. And, saving the best for last: The Four Divas . . . (in order of their diva-dom) 1) Lisa Tucker (I am Changing) 2) Paris Bennett (Midnight Train) 3) Katharine McPhee (Since I Fell For You) 4) Kinnick Sky (Get Here) Predictions Well, they told us tonight that FOUR people will be sent home Thursday . . . two boys, and two girls. Here are my choices for elimination: 2 of these 3 1) Stevie Scott 2) Heather Cox 3) Melissa McGhee Surprise elimination? If there is one, Thursday it will be Kinnick Sky. The judges really trashed her for no reason at all (other than the fact that she's older and wiser), and that may fixate in minds of viewers who might have otherwise voted for her. Let's see how well they do with old Gray Hair tomorrow night if their age-prejudice continues. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE VISIT OUR SPONSOR! Avon calling! Order Avon products ONLINE and have them shipped DIRECTLY to your home! Check out the ordering site from a preferred representative . . . and tell her "Jay" sent ya!|W|P|114057867401533048|W|P|Save Kinnick Sky! (& the rest of the girls' night)|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/21/2006 08:14:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Well, if I knew the answer to that, I'd be worth a million dollars, but that doesn't stop people from making educated guesses. Personally, I won't have a clue until I start seeing some head-to-head competition, but some others are already ahead of me in the game. Yesterday, I wrote about the odds according to how people are placing real-money bets on the competition (Bookies Grade Year 5), but there are a few Idol bloggers out there who've formulated their own ideas on who's going to come out on top. Reality TV Magazine has released their list of predictions for their Top 12 predictions, but don't do much handicapping except for their belief that Ace Young will probably make the top four, Chris Daughtry probably won't win, and that Paris Bennett could prove to be the first "surprise" elimination. Foxes On Idol (put pop-up blocker ON) has also released their handicap list, but instead of providing odds, they provide hypothetical circumstances on how each contestant could possibly win . . . or lose. Paris Bennett, riding on family success in the industry, was wisely made a bit vulnerable due to a bad week during Hell Week, but the other "riding on family success," Ayla Brown (born to a rich Massachussett's family), hasn't had her comeupance yet . . . which might prove unlucky for a girl convincing ordinary Americans that she needs their vote. Predictably, Ace Young will have to fight a pretty-boy image and work just as hard as everyone else -- if it comes too easy, and he doesn't beat his own performances, he could find an early exit, too. Idol is on THREE nights this week: the girls perform tonight, the boys tomorrow, with results on Thursday. Let's see how worth all the "handicapping" is worth after that! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE VISIT OUR SPONSOR! Avon calling! Order Avon products ONLINE and have them shipped DIRECTLY to your home! Check out the ordering site from a preferred representative . . . and tell her "Jay" sent ya!|W|P|114053316551262846|W|P|Who's Gonna Be the Idol 5 Champ?|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/20/2006 11:30:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Kelly Clarkson once fought an eating disorder several years ago, before American Idol brought her to a world of fame, acclaim, and wealth. The first year champion battled her weight after auditioning for record industry officials, and failing to score as she was passed over for more beautiful, less talented singers. "It was only for about six months. I'm a very spiritual person and I believe that God has so much more to offer than that kind of Hollywood life," Breakingnews.ie quotes her as saying. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE VISIT OUR SPONSOR! Avon calling! Order Avon products ONLINE and have them shipped DIRECTLY to your home! Check out the ordering site from a preferred representative . . . and tell her "Jay" sent ya!|W|P|114050037747491804|W|P|Clarkson's Anorexia|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/20/2006 09:49:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|No one takes "winning" more seriously than those who bet money on anything (and everything) competitive. Odds-makers everywhere are interested in this season of American Idol, and the betting has already begun! So, how do professional gamblers rate this years crop of contenders? Here's the odds!

Opening Odds To Win American Idol

Ace Young 7/2

Katharine McPhee 4/1

Paris Bennett 5/1

Chris Daughtry 8/1

Kellie Pickler 8/1

Taylor Hicks 10/1

Lisa Tucker 11/1

Heather Cox 22/1

Will Makar 24/1

Stevie Scott 27/1

source: http://www.gambling911.com/022006Fnews.html

---------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE VISIT OUR SPONSOR! Avon calling! Order Avon products ONLINE and have them shipped DIRECTLY to your home! Check out the ordering site from a preferred representative . . . and tell her "Jay" sent ya!|W|P|114049470895617732|W|P|Bookies Grade Year Five|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/16/2006 09:43:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Wanna listen to your favorite past performers sing? Check out Idol Waves, an internet radio station playing singles from each and every former American Idol contestant who's hit the studio -- regardless of whether they "made it" or not. The "station call" sounds a little cheesy, and some of the tracks are low quality, but all in all, it's a good listen. I'm going to be tuned in any time I'm in an Idol mood, for sure! (sure beats the hell out of buying 10 new full length CDs every season, most of which flop and have no airtime otherwise). Kelly Clarkson, William Hung, LaToya London, Jon Peter Lewis, doesn't matter . . . they play it all. Check it out.|W|P|114014808622684042|W|P|Idol RADIO|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/06/2006 04:14:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous Kenny|W|P|This is DJ KennDawg, manager of Idol Waves.

Thanks for the mention. When you say some of the tracks are low-quality, do you mean in sound? Keep in mind some tracks are from major label CDs, some are from independent labels, some are demos and other are just available by download. So, songs are not going to be in the same quality, but we are doing our best to at least get the songs out there for fans to hear. As for the station ID call, we are just a fan, hobby station and I just wanted something quick and to the point.2/16/2006 03:03:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|The scandal surrounding Clay Aiken's alleged homosexuality (according to John Paulus) may delay the release of his album this spring, according to Jossip.com, who reports that (according to his sources) RCA officials are livid at the revelations, and may delay the album until the allegations clear up. Last week, John Paulus, his presumed partner in an North Carolina motel room last holiday season, appeared on Howard Stern's program, and once again detailed the alleged encounter. To listen to the interview, follow this link to Malcontent.biz.|W|P|114012585407422268|W|P|Clay-Gate May Delay Album Release|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/16/2006 08:44:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|After appearing in such magazines as Maxim and CoverGirl, it was rumored that second season's Ashley Hartman would be appearing in the 2006 edition of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition. Well, she is . . . kind of. She's appearing in an ad in that edition for Ford Motors. Way to go, girl (I guess).|W|P|114010154201540721|W|P|Ashley Hartman in Swimsuit . . . Kind of|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/08/2006 04:34:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous Kip|W|P|Are you kidding? That was a classy three-page fold-out ad for one of the most recognized brands in the world! Being selected for that Ford Truck ad shows that Ashley has arrived as an in-demand model.

Ashley has done everything that the Idol judges said she could do - model, get a television series, make movies - and if you listen to clips of some of her songs on myspace (ashleyhartmancom), you'll see that she has a bright future with her music, as well.2/16/2006 08:30:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|MTV.com reports that Kelly Clarkson is anxious to start her third album, with hopes of collaborations with the Black Eyed Peas, and more heavily rock oriented than her previous two platters, promising
"This is going to be 10 steps away from Breakaway!"
|W|P|114010041150362799|W|P|Clarkson Planning Third Album|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/15/2006 08:04:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Tonight, the final twenty-four contestants were chosen. Next week, America gets to vote on the girls! Here's how it played out . . . Ladies Lisa Tucker Brenna Gathers Katherine McPhee Mandisa Hundley Heather Cox, Paris Bennett Kelly Pickler Becky O'Donohue Melissa McGee Stephanie Scott Ayla Brown Kinnik Sky Men David Radford Jose "Sway" Penala Elliot Yamin Ace Young Robert Bennett, Jr William "Bucky" Covington Patrick Hall Kevin Covias Taylor Hicks William Makar Gideon McKinney Chris Daughtry And yes, the "hissy" Brittenum twins were arrested and "uninvited" before this episode was shot.|W|P|114005580562782607|W|P|Your Final 24! (semi-finalists)|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/15/2006 07:52:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|I missed the first one . . . it was one of the twin girls. Anyway, Heather Cox, William "Bucky" Covington Patrick Hall Kevin Covias Paris Bennett|W|P|114005480010369808|W|P|Fourth Batch|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/15/2006 07:42:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Gideon McKinney Stephanie Scott Ayla Brown Chris Daughtry More . . .|W|P|114005420099157894|W|P|Third Batch!|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/15/2006 07:31:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Okay, I missed one, but here are some more passed to the next round . . . Lisa Tucker David Radford Jose "Sway" Penala Elliot Yamin Brenna Gathers (pardon any misspellings)|W|P|114005356808491349|W|P|Next Batch!|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/15/2006 07:24:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Tonight, Paula, Simon, and Randy reveal the semi-finalists -- the final 12 men and the final 12 women who will stand for America's vote. As they give us their final choices, we're bringing it to you. The first FOUR to make it to the last 24 are (in order they were chosen): 1. Katherine McPhee 2. Ace Young 3. Robert Bennett, Jr 4. Mandisa Hundley One rumored to make it, Bobby Bullard, was not chosen.|W|P|114005346707893177|W|P|First Four|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/14/2006 08:52:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|"Group" day was reminiscent of American Idol's past: complete with tight groups, fighting groups, break-ups, divas in high form, etc., etc. What promised to be one diva on the commercials last week ended up not being so, at least before their upcoming audition. Terrell Brittenum was seen screaming at the camera last week: "I don't do groups!" This week, we saw that was because he was trying to get his quartet to practice with him and group-mate, Anthony Hansen. Absent members Jose "Sway" Penala and Elliot Yamin preferred sleeping, which led to the Terrell ranting in front of the cameras, which finally caught (and displayed for us) his complete statement. "This is why I don't do groups!" When his troupe finished their performance (they were second up) that next morning, he didn't give the judges a chance to comment. He lit into his boy-band members, essentially apologizing for the group's performance. Randy and Simon surprised him by informing him that one of the men, Elliot Yamin, had outsang everyone else -- and that it didn't matter who had slept and who had practiced. His partner in practice, Anthony Hansen, was removed from the competition for his own well-rehearsed, but still wanting performance. Shortly thereafter, it was Derrell's group's turn to sing, and after their performance, Derrell was likewise put through to the next round. Thinking his brother had been nixed, he interrupted and made a small speech, resigning, remarking that they would go on to make their own records. Out in the lobby, he was informed of his mistake, and a bit later, Ryan Seacrest brought them back on stage for an apology. They were re-admitted a little while later after Simon dressed them down for their "hissy attitudes." Think the gay jokes on American Idol are over? Think again. This time, it wasn't the judges -- it was the producers and editors of the show. Inspired by their short cowboy crooner, Michael Evans and Matthew Backstein joined the "crying cowboy" Garet Lane Johnson in western gear to pop out their number. Before the song could be aired, American Idol treated viewing audiences to a full-two minute pseudo-commercial (SNL-style), called Broke-note Mountain, carefully clipping quotes from the singers, particularly from Garet, plus video shot from the Johnson family ranch. Phrases like "their sin was not in telling the lie . . ." and "Good ride, cowboy" were used in an obvious attempt to compare the troupe to the movie, Brokeback Mountain, a story about two cowboys who hide a decades-long homosexual relationship. It was unrestrained and merciless -- criticism from anti-homophobia groups should be forthcoming. After parading the man-divas and making fun of cowboys, the show quickly wrapped up "Hell Week," briefly informing us of the final sole performances (without bothering to actually show us any), and splitting people up into four groups, eliminating one. Most of the favorites where passed, even the Brittenums -- only the singing cowboys were evicted, and that was after their joint performance. According to the show, the final sort-through will happen tomorrow night -- after which we'll have 12 men and 12 women to compete for our votes starting next week. Maybe it's just me, but didn't they show more of hell week last year?|W|P|113997371872188485|W|P|Cowboys & Crybabies|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/10/2006 08:52:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Year 4's Anthony Fedorov and Year 2's Carmen Rasmusen are set to appear in an upcoming episode of NBC's Fear Factor. Smart career move, guys! Appearing on such shows is an admission that your career is going nowhere. Please, Anthony -- just don't ever do Surreal Life, or I'll have to claim I never heard of you!|W|P|113962654217376187|W|P|Fedorov, Rasmusen on Fear Factor|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/10/2006 08:23:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Wednesday's head to head combat between the first "Hollywood" episode of American Idol and the 48th annual Grammy Awards on CBS left the experts scratching their heads! More people watched Idol -- by a 2:1 margin!|W|P|113962476098989391|W|P|Idol Slams Grammys|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/08/2006 11:24:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Tonight, on the Grammy's, an extraordinary thing occurred. Not only were the efforts of two American Idol winners nominated for six (count 'em . . . SIX) Grammy's, but one of those former contestants utterly slew everyone unfortunate enough to be nominated in the same categories with her. Her nominated album was so great, and her nominated performance so powerful, that even the range of Mariah Carey, the soulfulness of Bonnie Raitt, the legend of Paul McCartney, the groove of Sheryl Crow, and the hip-hop of Gwen Stephani couldn't overcome the artistry of that is . . . . . . Kelly Clarkson. Fortunately for Mariah, and the other aforementioned nominees, our supreme Idol winner of all time was only nominated twice. Go, Kelly, Go! Third year winner, Fantasia, had the distinct honor of being nominated for four Grammy's, but lost each time to Mariah, John Legend, and others. Better luck next time, and remember . . . Kelly's first album (Thankful) only got one nomination (Miss Independent)! Kelly sang "Because of You" for the star-studded audience, and Fantasia got to jam a little with a montage of musicians and singers during a tribute to Sly and the Family Stone. Guess who was pounding the bass strings on that very same tribute? American Idol's own Randy Jackson!|W|P|113946468625868529|W|P|Clarkson: Biggest Idol of them All (and other news)|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/08/2006 08:38:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Tonight, on the 48th Grammy Awards, Kelly Clarkson has won the statuette for the two categories she was nominated for: Best Female Pop Vocal Performance - Since U Been Gone Best Pop Vocal Album - Breakaway More later . . . |W|P|113945291414405302|W|P|Kelly Clarkson Wins 2 Grammys!|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/08/2006 08:18:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|

Okay, round 1 of Hell Week is over. Here’s some of the faves that got to move ahead to the next round:

Ace Young

Paris Bennett

Taylor Hicks (the grey-haired dude)

The pre-arrested Brittenum Twins

Katharine McPhee

David Radford (the cute crooner)

Chris Daughtry

Kelly Pickler

Mandisa Hundley

And these people got it, too:

Garet Johnson, who’s already dubbed himself the “Cryin’ Cowboy”

Kaitlin Johnson (the anti-TV girl – her TV time was cut on this episode, much like her audition – but, we saw her for a fraction of a second jumping around on stage in victory)

Kevin Covias

And a nice sounding Patrick Hall from Arkansas whose audition was not broadcast previously on the show.

Idols Go Home!

There were 66 cut from the show, including:

Ronnie Norman (the ladies man)

Steven David (the Paula-loving married police man – hey, wise move, producers!)

Dave Hoover (like we didn’t see THAT coming!)

Joshua and Jarrett Simmons – the other twins, who both actually performed more smoothly and cleanly than the smooth talking Brittenum twins.

Some attitude from the Brittenums as well, plus a preview of next week when one of them assumes Diva-dom by suggesting, “I don’t do groups!”

More later tonight after the Grammy’s.

|W|P|113945177868593148|W|P|Hell Week, Round One|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/08/2006 05:58:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Tonight will produce an interesting dilemma for Idol fans: 1) watch the beginning of "Hell week" on Fox's American Idol 5, or 2) watch and see how Kelly Clarkson and Fantasia do on the 48th Annual GRAMMY awards on CBS. All I can say, is thank GOD for DVR technology! (I'll be watching both). Here's a list of "grammy" items to watch for for our Idols on the Grammy's -- there's a total of SIX awards to watch out for. Kelly Clarkson

1) Best Female Pop Vocal Performance (For a solo vocal performance. Singles or Tracks only.)

Since U Been Gone Kelly Clarkson Track from: Breakaway [RCA Records]

2) Best Pop Vocal Album (For albums containing 51% or more playing time of VOCAL tracks.)

Breakaway Kelly Clarkson [RCA Records]

Fantasia (Barrino)

3) Best Female R&B Vocal Performance (For a solo vocal performance. Singles or Tracks only.)

Free Yourself Fantasia Track from: Free Yourself [J Records]

4) Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance (For solo, duo, group or collaborative performances, with vocals. Singles or Tracks only.)

Summertime Fantasia Track from: Free Yourself [J Records]

5) Best R&B Album (For albums containing 51% or more playing time of VOCAL tracks.)

Free Yourself Fantasia [J Records]

And, for the last award . . . this one is Fantasia-related, though she herself wasn't eligible for the following award:

6) Best R&B Song (A Songwriter(s) Award. For Song Eligibility Guidelines see Category #3. (Artist names appear in parenthesis.) Singles or Tracks only.)

Free Yourself Craig Brockman, Missy Elliott & Nisan Stewart, songwriters (Fantasia) Track from: Free Yourself [J Records; Publishers: Mass Confusion Music, WB Music/CraigMan Music, Dimensional Music of 1091/Nisan's Music, Universal Music Publishing.]

source: http://www.grammy.com/GRAMMY_Awards/Annual_Show/|W|P|113944405907333696|W|P|Idols on the Grammy's|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/08/2006 03:29:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|With 7 episodes of auditions finally over, we head to Hollywood/Hell week . . . with the 175 contestants sent from the various cities struggling to make it to the next level. If the previews can be believed, we'll see more of the Brittenum twins (pre-eviction, of course), but probably not much longer. Who will stay, and who'll get sent home? Will this be the week the less-than-perfect 2-out-of-three ticketers go home? Will the little cowboy make it, or the smallish kid (who looked more like a toddler)? What about the anti-TV girl? While we look forward to tonight's episode, here's a nice -- and truthful -- summary of what we've had to endure for the last four weeks!|W|P|113943631107102555|W|P|Auditions Over; 175 to Hollywood!|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/07/2006 06:00:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|She Believes TV is a Sin! An IdolsRising.com Exclusive Though her Austin audition wasn't one of the few featured on Fox's American Idol, rumors are coming out of the Oneness Pentecostal religious sect (they like to refer to themselves as Apostolics) that one of their own, Kaitlin Johnson (pics below), has made it to "Hollywood." What makes this interesting is that Kaitlin is the daughter of Rev. Rex Johnson of Austin's Christian Life Church, which presents itself as a "church for all people," but is actually a part of this Oneness sect's largest organization, the United Pentecostal Church, International. Why this continues to be interesting is because any member of the United Pentecostal Church (called the "UPC" among those in the club) knows that this organization and each of its member churches teach and believe that owning and watching television is a sin, and within that faith, any sin will send you to Hell. The organization is so serious about their "list of sins," that each minister that holds a license in that faith must sign an annual affirmation* promising to teach every thing contained in their Articles of Faith* -- which contains the television prohibition (check out the paragraph entitled "Holiness"). Kaitlin's participation is being blogged about and is hitting the message boards of independent "Apostolic" networks -- Oneness Pentecostals who don't necessarily hold to the strict religious requirements. It's even spiked enough interest among former Pentecostals to warrant a mention on their network forums (which is where I heard it). But the question remains: why would a person who believes TV is a sin participate on American Idol? Other odd peculiarities of the United Pentecostals: women must wear dresses and not cut their hair, wear cosmetics, and members in general can't watch movies, swim with members of the opposite sex, or participate in "organized public school activities." Kaitlin's pics from IdolonFox.com: pics 1 2 3 4. *links to spiritualabuse.org - a site critical of the teachings of the United Pentecostal Church|W|P|113935987171576415|W|P|Kaitlin Johnson: the Anti-TV girl on American Idol 5|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/13/2006 12:58:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous slw|W|P|just wondering what she sang?2/16/2006 12:20:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous Chris|W|P|Leave Kaitlin alone! You are putting words in her mouth that she never said and tagging her as an anti-tv girl.

This competition is about talent. I would much rather read an article about that instead of reading someones obvious biased rants.2/16/2006 08:11:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous aexapo|W|P|slw - I'm not sure, they never allowed us to hear her sing.

chris - having been a former member of that faith myself, i think NOT reporting that would be a major injustice, and an act of support of blatant religious hypocrisy.2/16/2006 01:35:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous adriana|W|P|First of all God Bless America, the land of the free!
For a Man who has loved everyone of us who has ever breathed a breathe, unconditionally. He gave His life for us that we might live without guilt or condemnation and then, rose again in 3days. There is nothing that is to great a sacrifice for me to give up, when TV is such a small part of life. There are more important things to make a fuss about in life. Our organizations beliefs are not based on the way one feels, but rather on the Absolute Truth(the Holy Bible)!2/16/2006 06:46:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous aexapo|W|P|"Our organizations beliefs are not based on the way one feels, but rather on the Absolute Truth(the Holy Bible)!"

And, it's interesting that while the pew-sitters of that organization are expected to obey the teachings against television, the children of those same pastors (sworn to teach against TV) can audition on it. But, it's no great surprise to me -- one of the things that led me to question (and eventually leave) that faith was the double standard among ministry. No surprise for me.2/16/2006 09:26:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous Amanda|W|P|United Pentecostals truly follow the word of God. They don't set out a lists of sin, that will sin them to hell if they commit them. No man is perfect and every man falls. We live life trying to be like Christ in every way. I'm proud of her to sticking to her beliefs and going on television to show the world what she stands for. The holiness thing is totally understandable. The bible speaks on women dressing holy. Is it wrong to want to be accepted in Gods site? Besides, we need "American Idols".. in which portray good moral values.2/17/2006 02:48:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous aexapo|W|P|Again, I'm not criticizing your religious code -- just the fact that some people in that faith have to obey it, and others (apparently) don't. Your religion is your right and choice -- I'm only criticizing her participation because she's a member of a faith that teaches that the ownership and viewership of television is a "hell-fire" sin, but somehow it's okay for her to be on it, singing secular music, no less.

Again, I was raised in that faith, so I'm aware of the circumstances. Either it's right or its wrong, and if that church has broadened their mind on television, maybe they should stop participating in an organization that condemns people to hell for watching the Evening News.2/20/2006 10:51:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous Lysa|W|P|To aexapo,
Sounds like you have had some issues with the United Pentecostal Church. You and God need to have a little talk and quit talking about things you don't know about. None of our saints or preachers condemn people to hell for watching the evening news. The TV is not a sin it is what you watch and how much time you put into it. God is supposed to be number one.

Every one is different and has experienced different things. You beleive what you beleive and the same goes for everyone else. All I can say is the word of God will never change. So beleive what you want and let what other people do affect you but as for me I am going to stay with the bible.

Every one makes their own mistakes.2/27/2006 11:53:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous big pentecostal|W|P|I am Pentecostal; and yes I go to a rather strict church. They never showed Kaitlyn's audition, but when I saw a clip of her on stage, she caught my eye-- because I am very familiar with the "look." I went on the computer to research, and I found that she indeed is Pentecostal. I was shocked to see her on there; I am not judging her, just shocked. Although I watch the show, I could never audition. I know that might sound hypocritical, but I just could not use my talents for the world. I am a big part of the music committee at my church, and I would not feel right out there singing "worldly" music. My church has the strict beliefs, and yes there are a few people in my church who don't own televisions-- not because of church teachings, but because individual preference. I am in no way judging Kaitlyn because like I said, I watch the show. I do, however, hope she reconsiders this whole singing thing, and I do hope that she realizes who gave her the talent to sing! To the whole "dress" thing: I am sooo glad to see that some people still stand out in a crowd. I hope that this little taste of fame doesn't change Kaitlyn's view of holiness.3/21/2006 02:59:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous Shannon|W|P|I am not suprised at all. I also am a former member of the UPC and one of many reasons that I left have to do with the hypocrisy of the ministry and it's members.
My ex sister in law is a die hard member of the UPC and has been for 12 years. We have heard her rail against "the evils" of the "Hellivision or Devilvison" (which is what the UPC calls TV) for years.

(Though the internet is totally fine according to the UPC. I have long been waiting for "a member of the sactified fold" to explain the rational behind that one!)

However, she didn't see anything wrong with signing my nephew, who was 6 at the time, up to do a commerical for Chevrolet, that was broad casted during the Superbowl! In return for 6 grand and a membership in the actors guild!!

By the way not only is TV a Sin..But the old Devil Bowl is right up there on the UPC evil scale with Halloween or the xmas tree!According to her is was "a blessing from Jesus."....Ummmm. Okay???? You mean that very Jesus who you claim considers both those thing sin and damnation??? Ummmm...What brand of message are you sending your son their oh holy one?
Another favorite of mine that is sooo UPC is that UPC actually preaches that if you don't believe what they do, baptise as they do, and are a member of their sect you are "not saved". That's right, only members of UPC are "god's people". The other 90% of Christondom are decieved, sinners and are going to hell.
However, that doesn't stop UPC ministers or members from reading, doing work shops, and recommending books to their members that are written by members of the other 90% of Christendom "who has not the truth".
Yepper...they actually read and recommend reading to their members of the very people they rail against and say are decieved sinners who are hell bound..What's the rational behind a church who "has the only truth" but promotes literature of SINNERS to its "saints"??? That one always slayed me!!
In UPC, working under the table is not stealing or defrauding the government..It's a "blessing from the Lord"...

In UPC..if a sales clerk accidentally gives you back to much change...you don't return it..Rather you poke it in your skirt pocket and do the pentecostal shuffle right out the door of the store just a prasing jesus for that little financial blessing!!!I have seen it all 100 times in UPC, from more then 30 of their demonminations and it's members. All the sinners I have met in my life are not as dishonest as most members of UPC I have come across and that has been thousands!

The ministry of UPC also see's nothing wrong with expecting the single mothers on Welfare and barly scraping by to tith their 10% and then give offerings on top of it. Often time in the form of "love offerings" which are given to traveling ministers who are not financially destitute by any means.And of course the "love offering" basket is placed at the front of the church so everyone could see who goes up to drop money in it and who doesn't!

But I have yet to ever see any UPC request their congregations to give "love offering" to any single mother who is struggling by to raise her kids on her own. When they requested "love offerings" for wealthy pastors, I saved mine and slipped it to one of the struggling single mothers in my church, who really needed the money!

I can tell you exactly what happened. Kaitlin and Daddy saw "dollar signs" and decided that she would be doing the decived world a favor by "spreading the truth" to the world on IDOL. It had nothing to do with the fact that it could put extra fundage in the church bank account I am sure.. (Note the sarcasim)

The thing about UPC is that it isn't based on any form of inward spirituality. It's all out ward stuff and looking the part. The Women in the UPC are some of the most evil hearted, forked tongue, females I have ever come across in my life. But hey, in UPC it's okay to have a heart as black as the devil himself as long as you cover it up with a skirt and a turtle neck and avoid the max factor section of your local department store and are not seen in the vicinity of Master cuts with out your husband or your son..

I am sorry but UPC and it's members just make me sick!!3/21/2006 11:32:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous BoB|W|P|Shannon, if you have not been to a church that supports single mothers then I can understand your frustration. I have been to several UPC churches and all of them have supported single mothers and fatherless children. I do, however, believe that it is Biblical to tithe regardless of your station in life. No one has the right to take what is not theirs.
I am also sure that your analogy of someone walking out of a bank or store with money that doesn't belong to them is a made up analogy that makes you feel like a smart person but really reveals that you are trying very hard to spit venom at people because you were perhaps hurt at some point in your life.
Do I believe every line of the UPC manual? No. But for the sake of dwelling in unity with my brothers I am willing to give up some things for the sake of not causing division.
Last, but certainly not least, the UPC has never claimed that they are the only people going to heaven. I have known some UPC people that if they were the only example to me of what UPC was about then I would not want part, but there are a lot of good people out there. The UPC doesn't claim you have to be baptised "their" way but rather the way that is outline so clearly in the Bible. Is it so far reaching the a church would preach that you have to obey the Bible? God forbid! Follow God's word? I have to do that? Yes!!!! You have to follow God's word to the letter, not your made up opinions and unverifiable proofs you claim to know. God will judge you by His word, not mine. I would be less worried about tearing down Pentecostals and more concerned with building people up. You see, if You (Shannon) are to be the light that I am to follow and you do nothing but spit poison as you have here then I would want to be as far from you as possible so I wouldn't get hurt.3/24/2006 06:03:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous shannon|W|P|Bob,

I hate to break it to you. BUT REALITY IS. That what I have said about those that have walked out of the store with to much change is THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH. Would you like my ex sister in laws number? She is a "die hard" UPC member who currently receives SSI (disability) and is not supposed to work. However, she has been working 40 per week UNDER THE TABLE FOR THE PAST YEAR!! Is this not defrauding the government? Is this not STEALING? Nope, it's a blessing from Jesus...The fact of the matter is that as long as UPC members tithe to the church it doesn't matter how honestly or dishonestly they earn their money.

I have witnessed "God's self proclaimed Saints" do FAR WORSE THEN THAT. And I have yet to met people as poison spewing as those members of the UPCI. They spew poison and venom over their pulpits several times a week. Your welcome to YOUR INTERPETATION of what the BIBLE SAYS. No matter how incorrect it is.

Oh come on now BOB...BE HONEST.. ARe you really going to try to say that UPC does not teach and preach that the other 90% of Christianity is WRONG AND HELL BOUND? You and I both know and so does anyone who has ever had any experiance in or with UPC that UPC does indeed teach that if you don't adhere to their interpetation of the bible that YOUR NOT SAVED!!! I have been to many many different UPC's and THEY ALL TEACH AND PREACH THE SAME EXACT THING!IF YOU BELIEVE IN THE TRINITY AND DONT ADHERE TO THEIR INTERPETATION OF SALVATION AND THEIR BAPTISMAL FORMULA YOUR NOT ONLY DECIEVED BUT NOT SAVED AND GOING TO HELL!!

I love how UPC members always try to white wash that...So then BOB tell me, since you assert that UPC doesn't claim to be the only church/people going to Heaven. Then what other churchs or denominations do UPC teach or preach is HEAVEN BOUND???

It amazes me how any time some one speaks the truth about UPC or its hypocritical members then they are accused of "spitting poison and venom". Well if speaking the truth is only poison and venom I guess that says something about UPC huh?

Save me your surrmon BOB and your UPC propaganda. Educate yourself of the TRUTH about the Judeo/Christian religion. Then you will see just exactly how much TRUTH exists in THE BIBLE and how much of it has merely been stolen from the old PAGAN religions. Christiany springs from PAGANISM and MYTHOLOGY..

Gimme a break4/10/2006 05:34:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous Saved|W|P|Wow. I have read all of these ex-UPCers "testimonials" about how the UPC ministers are corrupt, how the members are corrupt, and how their teachings are strict and leaglistic. How sad, for each of you who once believed, was filled with the Holy Ghost, to have turned your eyes so far from God. Let me tell you why you gave up on the UPC. You walked by sight, not by faith. You looked at the people and found fault. Well guess what honey, you are going to find fault. People are flawed, and not perfect. Minister, saint, or sinner, we all fall short, and make mistakes. But you see God didn't save you to look at the people and compare yourself to them, or judge them. He saved you to walk by faith. But obviously, when your hill got too high....or as many of you so eloquently put it, "the UPC became too imperfect", your eyes fell from God and landed on the people. It's no wonder you left. It's no wonder you have so much bitterness and hatred toward the one and only faith that didn't tickle your ears with their message.

It makes me wonder what church you've found that is perfect. Or have you just completely turned your back on God altogether. Let me guess. I'm sure you loved God once with all your heart, and maybe you even still love him. And no matter where you go, or how far you run, God will still love you. And that change you had when God filled you with the holy ghost, is the only change that will save you. God will save you. Not a religion. Not flawed, imperfect people. The only infallible One of them all. I pray that one day you stop looking at the people, and turn your eyes back to Jesus, and calvary, where the greatest gift was given just so you'd one day be with Him.

Like Lysa said earlier...you and God need to have a talk..a big one.2/05/2006 09:45:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Kelly Clarkson comes clean with her post-Idol career in the new issue of Time magazine, explaining her love for and differences with the show and its producers. She has nothing nasty to say; she's just a rising star that saw her career faltering in the hands of Simon Fuller and took control of her own destiny. On the latest controversy, she stands by her story -- she never refused to allow her songs to be used on American Idol; she proudly allowed them once she was asked. On her breakup with manager Simon Fuller's 19 Entertainment, she says:
"I love Simon Fuller, but how can somebody you've seen five times in three years really look out for you?"
According to the article, she also fought with the producers of Breakaway over how much creative control she would have. Eager to write and sing her own material and disappointed with the previous effort, she argued with Clive Davis who was also eager to keep her on top of the charts. This is what Davis had to say:
"I always encourage people to write their own songs, but in the pop arena, where the career is totally dependent on hits, you get skeptical. Artists with great voices like Melissa Manchester and Taylor Dayne could have had much longer careers if they didn't insist on writing their own material."
The two compromised, and Kelly wrote or co-wrote half of the record, while songwriting professionals and producers cooked up the rest, and a record that is still on top 20 charts after more than 60 weeks was the result. Kelly is claiming to not succumb to the "I am star, I can write music" arrogance; at the end of the article, she admits that only her songs that are better than the professionals should make the cut on future albums. And on the mega-flop movie, From Justin to Kelly, Clarkson says she only has one thing to say: "Contractually- obligated." She really didn't have a choice. With a new Kelly-centered management on hand, Clive Davis to keep her on track, and her own strong determination to do what it takes to keep a long term career . . . Kelly may end up being the biggest star to ever leave American Idol.|W|P|113919937193581123|W|P|Kelly Clarkson Breaks Away from Idol|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/03/2006 09:13:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|The story of Jose "Sway" Penala's involvement with a current record label, recordings and concert performances conducted after his audition, have moved from the blogs to the mainstream press. E! Online News (via Yahoo!) is now asking the same questions posed by Reality TV Magazine a few days before: does Sway's current career affect his eligibility on American Idol?|W|P|113897984551152157|W|P|Jose "Sway" Penala -- Eligible, or Not?|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/03/2006 09:00:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|About IdolsRising.com Translations

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"Since U Been Gone, I can breathe for the first time . . ."
These aren't just lyrics to a popular Kelly Clarkson song, they're for real. Kelly revealed recently that she and her boyfriend -- once rumored to be headed for the altar -- are calling it quits, and are blaming their work schedules for it. Of course, they promise to be best friends from now on.|W|P|113891556372023845|W|P|Clarkson Breaks Up|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/01/2006 10:19:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Idol went to Austin Wednesday night, sending 11 more contestants to Hollywood -- though they only showed us five of them. For me, the two stand-outs of the night were Jason Horn of Longview and Rickey Hayes of Bedford, TX. Jason Horn, in my opinion, could be a major player in this contest: from the few seconds we had to get an impression of him, two people instantly came to mind. 1) Anthony Federov, who he sounds like, and 2) Matthew McConaughey, who he looks like (and who's also from Longview). Anthony's problem last year wasn't his old trach scar, it was the fact that he always looked like he had just unplugged from an electrical socket. Imagine that voice on THAT body . . . Rickey Hayes of Bedford, TX had a very sweet, mellow voice. He reminded me of one of my favorites from last year, Nicco Smith. Simon gave him a rare compliment, saying it was the nicest sounding voice he had heard in the competition. Like Nicco, though, I could see him losing out in the finals unless he can add some personality to a very pleasant, very recordable voice. The others from Austin: Ashley Jackson of Dallas, Ronnie Norman of Tyler, and William Makar of The Woodlands, TX. I did forget to mention the three of the eleven finalists they showed us on Tuesday from Vegas: Mecca Madison, Heather Ward, and Taylor Hicks. Next week . . . one more audition city, then HOLLYWOOD!!! |W|P|113885484575340435|W|P|Idol 5, Week 3: Wrap up|W|P|admin@queertexan.com2/01/2006 02:49:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Further proof that the show itself is the biggest Idol of them all is found in an article this week in theLedger.com. For the last two years, Fox TV has been convinced that the show had reached its peak and would begin a ratings decline. This year, Simon Fuller, the show's creator joined in the nihilism, and took a trip to Africa just as the show started this January. When he called back to LA for the first night ratings, I'm sure he realized his mistake instantly. The show not only beat ratings as it did the year before, it also beat the increase in ratings as well. Season five ratings had risen 15% over last year's premiere among their coveted "younger viewer" demographic, and 10% among viewers overall. The impact on other networks is also phenomenal. It's kinda like what happens to Safeway when Walmart moves in the neighborhood. Any show put up against on any other network can see their own death warrant written on the wall. If they're up against Idol, their show will not be watched. "Commander-in-Chief," the new presidential drama starring Geena Davis is only the latest show to be decimated by the Idol curse.|W|P|113882780232262764|W|P|The Unstoppable American Idol|W|P|admin@queertexan.com