3/29/2006 08:02:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|While Nigel predicted an upset as shocking as the Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson, LaToya London final three two years ago, only the bottom three was interesting -- not upsetting. And the result was right on track: America evicted the worst performance of the night (now, they've just got to get rid of the worst singer, Bucky Covington). The Ace Young nomination wasn't a shocker, it was a horrible performance as well. The Katharine McPhee nomination was interesting, but it didn't come across as well as the judges were proposing that it was -- it was kinda pale. It's only shocking that Ace Young and Bucky Covington got more votes. For strategic voting, don't just vote for your favorites . . . vote for everyone you want to stay on . . . everyone except the worst singer. Bucky must go!|W|P|114368658708151939|W|P|Lisa Goes Home|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/29/2006 07:58:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|According to slimtainment's idol blog, tonight's elimination session will have a shocker elimination. The blog linked to a TVweek.com interview with Nigel Lithgow, who stated just that, adding, "it's important to get a show like this (contemporary song night) under the belt," stating that new music is always trouble on the show, since the participants are always compared to the original.|W|P|114368415686565520|W|P|Shocker Eliminations!|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/29/2006 10:20:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Wouldn't this be the headline to die for: "Kelly Clarkson to perform on tonight's results show!" We'd also love to see it happen, especially since this year's results show is also "performance night" for celeb performers who've become "idols" in their own right. For Kelly fans, let's start getting in touch with the show's producers to see if we can't make it happen! Send your emails to idol.web@fox.com and tell them you want Kelly Clarkson to perform one of the "results shows" this season! Here's my email that I sent (don't copy it word for word -- use your own words)
Dear Producers of American Idol; As an Idol fan and as a fan of Kelly Clarkson, I'm asking you to have her perform on one of the "results shows" on this season of American Idol. I know there was some conflict at the beginning of this season, but she is the "brightest star" to emerge from the show, and having her on would probably create the most-watched episode this season. Her fans are really crazy about her, and the show -- and for her to be on would mean a lot to those of us who love you both. I understand that she's touring right now, and that it might be difficult. However, I ask you to spare no expense in trying to get her on this year. A fan, "my name"
|W|P|114364999539068681|W|P|Kelly Clarkson to Perform on Results Night|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/29/2006 09:36:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|If you listened to the judges, last night's performances by American Idol's final ten were horrible. And, most of them really were. Randy blurted out the salvos left and right -- blitzkreiging nearly every performance from Kelly Pickler to Ace Young, saving his rare praises for Paris Bennett, Katharine McPhee and Elliot Yamin. Paula, usually evusive with her praise, chimed in behind Randy, and for once, Simon wasn't seen as the attack dog. He rarely disagreed, and had a few negative comments for even Elliot and Paris. His sole praise went to Katharine, dubbing her performance "Best of the Night." Worst performances were Lisa Tucker who unwisely chose to cover Kelly Clarkson's Because of You -- her pitch was off, and she hit a couple of sour notes here and there. Second worst, not surprisingly, was Bucky Covington. It is more than likely that one of these will be removed tonight. Gambling911.com is betting on Bucky. Don't be surprised to see Ace Young or Kelly Pickler in the bottom three -- their songs were really that bad. Kelly can definitely do better, and Ace simply doesn't cut it anymore. Surprises for the bottom three? Elliot Yamin doesn't seem to be catching on, and his "bluesy" rendition of everything he sings is getting a bit tired. Although he was one of the best in the past, again, he's reached his limit. His lack of charisma may send him packing before long. Another surprise could be Chris Daughtry, whose judge panned performance last night was his best rocker lyric yet, although Simon warned him that this was getting a bit tired. Reason he could be in the bottom? His so-called original performance of Walk the Line last week was also a cover of a group called Live's cover of the Johnny Cash tune, and fans of Live have been fuming ever since. Count them out on having voted for Chris last night. Mandisa and Taylor Hicks gave so-so performances -- Simon called hers "indulgent" as she performed the first-ever gospel tune on the show. Gambling911.com reported an error during Mandisa's performance where they put up Taylor's numbers while she was singing, so there could be a bit of vote switching in that instance. The error was corrected by the end, so hopefully, Taylor won't suck up too many votes from Mandisa. If so, she might be in the bottom. I would imagine, though, if the error had created an eviction for her, the producers would have already announced a "redo" show like they did once before when the numbers were scrambled. Gambling911.com is now giving Chris and Katharine the best odds on winning the show, with Chris slightly ahead. We'll see. The sports betters were also giving Brokeback Mountain the best odds at winning Oscar.|W|P|114364917862012260|W|P|Eviction Predictions|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/28/2006 03:02:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Shakira and Wyclef Jean will perform on Wednesday night's edition of American Idol, cementing "celeb performances" as a staple on this year's results show. It's a good change, and I'd like to see more of the past years' performers use that spotlight as well.|W|P|114358013127533121|W|P|Shakira, Wyclef Jean -- Wednesday's Idol|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/23/2006 05:35:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|This week on American Idol . . .

Kevin “Chicken Little” Covais gets the boot as the entire cast steals his genre!

Everyone was grooving to 50’s week: an entire night of croonin’ to the oldies. Barry Manilow was on board this week to keep the band in line, and to lend the cast a teaching hand. He treated the show, and the audience, to "Love is a Many Splendored Thing," a track off of his new album, The Greatest Songs of the Fifties.

“50’s Week” was difficult for the Idols, but it really filtered out who will be a star, and who will be nothing more than they were before. Several performers improved their craft, some stayed the same, and a couple proved they didn’t deserve to be among the rest – and America finally give those that truly deserved to be in the bottom three their proper place.

Lisa Tucker ("Why Do Fools Fall in Love"), Rocky Covington ("Oh Boy"), and Kevin Covais ("When I Fall in Love"), and we all know who left. Rocky should be next, and Lisa won’t be far behind – but between the two is the line of demarcation between talent and crap, and for once, America seems to be sifting out the crap early. Would have been nice to do it earlier during the semifinals, but hopefully, we can all avoid another Savolization of the final five or six.

The Best Performances: Mandisa ("I Don't Hurt Anymore"), Chris Daughtry ("Walk the Line"), Kelly Pickler ("Walkin' After Midnight"), Paris Bennett ("Fever"), Katharine McPhee ("Come Rain or Come Shine"). Mandisa perfected her “blossoming (so says Simon)” voice while Chris “refused to compromise (Simon again),” giving the Johnny Cash tune his own interpretation. Kelly wowed audiences with her perfect rendition, reminding us not only of Patsy Cline, but of the raw sexy naïveté of Marilyn Monroe. Paris Bennett once again sang with experience beyond her years, while Katharine “turned into a star (guess who).” The winner of this contest will be one of these five.

The Rest of the Best may do well, and may actually place higher than some of the above, but based on the way the “themes” are shaking the performers down out of their comfort zones, I can now predict that none of the following will win: Taylor Hicks ("Not Fade Away"), Elliot Yamin ("Teach Me Tonight"), and Ace Young ("In the Still of the Night"). Among these performances, Taylor’s was the best, but he clearly failed to rise to the level of the Best 5. Elliot Yamin has peaked and is now faltering as other performers grow.

Ace Young, at least, deserves his own paragraph. Even before the show started, people were embarrassing themselves over the beauty that is Ace Young. For women (and a few men), Ace is the man you want emerging from the shower every morning, toweling his glistening hair, giving you that grin. For other men, most would want him as a friend or at the poker table – but never in the same room with their girl. If everyone could just shut off the imagery for a moment, one could understand why he was in the bottom three last week – he isn’t the best singer in the competition, and doesn’t even come close. There are moments when he sings decently, but for the most part, his voice is like a big amoebic glob – an undifferentiated mass that doesn’t have any unique qualities or characteristics. He can sound good, he can sound sexy – but what is he? Who is he? What does he feel? What are his passions? His voice is like a lounge pianist – he knows a little about all kinds of music (and what people want to hear) to keep the drunks happy, but he isn’t a solid performer. Lucky for him, his looks will keep him from ever being a lounge act. Look for him next year in the cast of Young and the Restless, the new lawn-boy on Desperate Housewives, or maybe even a new intern on Grey’s Anatomy. Top 10 recording artist? Not on your life.

Lisa Tucker will join the Best and the Rest in that each of them will have some sort of career in music or show business – this season will probably launch more careers than any past season. I can definitely see her in Broadway (watch out Frenchie and Diana!). She isn’t the best pop performer, and she has also peaked. She’ll be out week or two.

|W|P|114315782671515343|W|P|Chicken Little's Sky has Fallen|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/27/2006 09:25:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous NCsmartbrunette|W|P|Actually, it's Bucky Covington. Rocky is the twin brother. Or maybe you already know that.

The NC three rock!3/15/2006 08:30:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Well, at least I got that one right . . . Melissa was evicted . . . Ace and Lisa stay.|W|P|114247627502565232|W|P|Melissa McGhee Evicted!|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/15/2006 08:25:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Wow! All bets are off. America voted, and Lisa Tucker joins Melissa McGhee and Ace Young for the bottom three. Results after the break. Melissa, I can understand, and Lisa -- one of the better voices, but failing to break out. But, with Melissa, Kevin, and Bucky still in the race . . . these two really don't belong. I predict Melissa to go, but we've got four years of prior upsets with good going home and bad placing well. If anyone can prove to me that Scotty Savol and Anthony Federov were actually better singers than Constantine Maroulis . . . I'll eat crow.|W|P|114247612785843255|W|P|Your Bottom Three|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/15/2006 08:18:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Can you believe it . . . Kevin Covias beats Ace Young? Believe it. Between the two, they just announced Ace Young to be in the bottom three. Covias? Safe for another week. I wonder if he's any relation to the Savol family of Cleveland.|W|P|114247560859847098|W|P|Ace & Kevin: Which in Bottom 3?|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/14/2006 09:31:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Tonight, American Idol 5 entered the toughest part of the competition. Not only are the men

and women competing against each other for the first time, they are also going into the “theme” part of the show – where they must choose songs within a certain genre, or by a particular songwriter/performer . . . regardless of whether it’s the best style for their voice or not.

The thematic section of the show is like the “sorting hat” in Harry Potter – the weaker are separated from those who truly have talent. And, what a better way to find out who’s got the chops than by making all twelve perform songs by the extraordinary talent, Stevie Wonder. His songs are magical, but to vocal performance artists – it’s like acrobatics! Don’t try it unless you’ve really got the pipes.

It’s hard to determine who the best were – a handful were really good. Chris Daughtry was the best with his Red Hot Chili Pepper/Stevie Wonder version of “Higher Ground,” but Mandisa was a close second with her rendition of “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing.” Tied for third, in my opinion, were Paris Bennett (“All I do”) and Taylor Hicks (“Livin’ for the City”) who had his best performance of the show. These four should absolutely be safe.

Elliot Yamin did well (“Knocks Me Off My Feet”), but didn’t shine like he often does, and Ace Young really blew his version of “Do I Do.” Both were early favorites in the show, but lately they’ve been passed up by more experienced performers (my top four above all have extensive performance experience).

Kellie Pickler, also an early favorite, really flopped, and Lisa Tucker didn’t do that well either (though the judges seemed to enjoy it). Katharine McPhee’sUntil You Come Back to Me” was pleasant, but didn’t play as well on TV as much as the judges seemed to like it (Simon compared her to Kelly Clarkson).

Melissa McGhee’sLately” was decent, despite a few memory problems. But, the worst of the night (or at least the “not good as the rest”) were Bucky Covington and Kevin Covias, who may have lost the granny vote when he rebuked Simon’s “Appalling” with his own sarcasm: “That’s okay, I didn’t expect much from you anyway.” In Granny-ville, that’s called disrespect – but it might earn him a few more votes from the 11-year-old girl faction of voters. Why is this guy reminding me of William Hung? Maybe it was the dancing he treated us to!

Neither he nor Bucky are good enough to remain in this competition, and Melissa is quickly joining their ranks. If anyone goes, it will be between these three. However, we could be surprised by a Lisa Tucker or a Katharine McPhee eviction – they’ve both been good enough to get votes, but haven’t really stood out. Melissa and Kevin seem to get more airtime – although, they’re an inferior talent.

Tune in tomorrow night for results (check listings), and for a performance by the legend himself . . . Stevie Wonder.

|W|P|114239377302685372|W|P|The Beginning of the End|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/14/2006 02:32:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Kellie Pickler may have a surprise guest in the audience if she wins the fifth season of American Idol. Her father, Clyde Pickler, incarcerated for assaulting a first responder, is finishing up his time in the Florida prison system, and will be home by the middle of May. For those wondering what his plans are on return, Clyde says this in a letter he wrote to his hometown newspaper, the Stanly News and Press:
"I am soon to be released and I’m planing to come back to Albemarle, find a church that preaches the gospel and not an itching ear message, and to make amends to those I’ve hurt over the years. I’m praying they will accept me.”
He continued to say that he's proud of his daughter, and thankful for all those who support her.|W|P|114236879755567032|W|P|Kellie's First Release: Her Dad|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/09/2006 08:57:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Fox Reality Channel will start airing "American Idol Extra" starting March 16th, a "backstage" show, airing all the "behind the scenes" drama filmed during the shooting.|W|P|114195958982676335|W|P|American Idol "Extra!"|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/09/2006 07:52:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Gedeon McKinney was a surpise elimination tonight, and the last to be eliminated on the close of the semi-finals. I was pretty close this time: one person I predicted (Kinnik) and two wild cards outside of my four pics are leaving as well. Didn't see the Gedeon elimination at all . . . I thought he had the old style R&B vote locked up. Guess that wasn't enough. So, our final twelve have been chosen and the finals will begin next week. Our finalists:

Ace Young Bucky Covington Chris Daughtry Elliot Yamin Katharine McPhee Kelly Pickler Kevin Covias Lisa Tucker Mandisa Melissa McGhee Paris Bennett Taylor Hicks

|W|P|114195598591162155|W|P|Your Final Twelve!!!|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/09/2006 07:28:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|My "wildcard" pick, Ayla Brown, will be packing her bags for Boston tonight. Melissa McGhee, predicted by me (and Simon) to leave, moves on to the final twelve.|W|P|114195503745086932|W|P|Ayla Brown . . . Gone|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/09/2006 07:18:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|William Makar is the second person to be voted off American Idol tonight, and will not be in the final twelve. Will is from The Woodlands, TX, and is one of the several "high school" contestants this year -- performing on the show AND taking tutored school lessons on the side.|W|P|114195408565021895|W|P|William Makar Evicted!|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/09/2006 06:59:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|After a performance by Bo Bice singing his first single, The Real Thing, Kinnik Sky was the first singer to be evicted in this, the last night of the semi-finals.|W|P|114195347849819107|W|P|Kinnik Sky Ousted!|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/08/2006 08:10:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Tonight was the last of the men's semi-finals in the game that is American Idol. No clear winner this week: Ace, Chris and Elliot didn't give their best performances, but Taylor Hicks did the best for his time on Idol. The others . . . mostly forgetable. Who should go? Bucky Covington and Kevin Covias. Who will go? Depends on how Kevin and William Makar fight over their shared core audience. Who ever wins, the other will lose, so an early save for Kevin could spell curtains for William. Any surprises? Not that I can see. I think the "Best" are safe this week, at least until the final twelve. Anytime they become top heavy (in relation to the rest), their numbers will thin out, and the first to go between the three best will either be Ace or Elliot. Chris, I believe, is safe until the final 2 or three, probably more safe than any of the others at this point. Of course, next week, the men and women are mixed, and we start the "theme" section of the show -- so, anything could happen.|W|P|114187086287599316|W|P|The Last Boys|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/09/2006 12:35:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous Idolfan|W|P|I just found your site and linked to it on mine. It's a little scary to read your posts, because we are channeling the same wavelength on the boys and the girls as far as I can tell.3/07/2006 08:12:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|On American Idol tonight, the female faction of the show sang their last performances of the semi-finals, the final week before the final 12 are revealed on Thursday. Of the performances, few stood out, and those who might go home were easily recognized. Mandisa gave a stand out performance, singing "I'm Every Woman" like she owned it, with Kelly Pickler in a distant second with "I'm the Only One," sparking remarks from Simon like, "You're not the best singer here, but I like you. I think I like you better than last year's winner!" Everyone else gave forgettable, unmentionable performances. Melissa McGhee and Kinnik Sky did the worst, leading this critic to take back everything good he said about the latter. If you can't pull through after three weeks -- then, you aren't the best singer, and you aren't part of the best twelve. Don't think there will be any surprises this week, but in case there is, I'm predicting Ayla Brown -- who tried a song beyond her ability and maturity.|W|P|114178469306460492|W|P|Girls End Semi-finals|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/07/2006 08:53:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous Cynthia, Reality TV Addict|W|P|My prediction is that Mandisa SHOULD win. But Chris Daughtery will pull it out. He has the whole package! Check out my site for rmblings on this show and more at notalentrequired.blogspot.com3/09/2006 12:37:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous Idolfan|W|P|Totally agree about Ayla Brown being the potential upset. I actually predict that she will go. . I haven't been following the speculators so much or the official site, but I just have a "feeling" that given the obvious choice between punting Melissa or Ayla. . I think Melissa resonates with people more than Ayla. I like them both and I would prefer Ayla in the top 12, but I think people are more likely to see her as "not very nice or accessible" whereas Melissa will pull the rockerish girls. . . We'll see tonight!3/03/2006 05:47:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|
(or, Why Bad Singers Stay on the Show While Good Ones Go Home)
Two years ago, Fantasia nearly got booted off the show before winning that season. She ended up in the bottom three one night, along with Jennifer Hudson and LaToya London, in one of the most controversial elimination shows of the series. Jennifer was sent home, although she would later beat Fantasia for the upcoming role of Effie White in the musical Dreamgirls. Last week, the same cycle presented itself. Jose "Sway" Penala was arguably one of the four or five better male singers, and probably one of the top six or seven regardless of gender. So, why did he leave, and so many second-rate singers stay in the competition? How in the heck did Michael "Chicken Little" Covias get more votes? So, what's up with America? Well, it's not as cut and dry as it seems, and we learned this week that the Diva eviction two years ago couldn't have been the result of racism (with the obvious proof of that being that Diana DeGarmo wasn't the winner of year 3 -- thank GOD!). What's up is that people aren't voting for the best technical singer. Eventually, the better singer might win, but not always (Clay Aiken actually was eliminated during Season Two, but was brought back by the judges). It's merely a popularity contest, and people are voting for the singer that relates to them the most -- especially with music styles. Different people like different music styles, and guess what -- American Idol's voting audience isn't 100% Top 40 lovers. This is how a John Stevens can beat a Jennifer Hudson, or a Anthony Federov can beat a Constantine Maroulis. If it still isn't clear -- focus on the musical styles. During Diva elimination week (Year Three again), how many contestants that week were representing the R&B style of music? FOUR, when you include George Huff, and even he wasn't better than any of the three girls in the bottom three that week. That was the most representation that any one music genre had that week, which means people that love R&B had four people to split their votes with -- and those that prefer female R&B singers had their votes additionally split. George was lucky he was the only male R&B singer represented. After that, it didn't happen again -- Fantasia won, and LaToya came in fourth. It makes more sense when you realize that people that love swing/big band/jazz only had ONE person to choose from that weird week: John "Red" Stevens. Earlier this week, I predicted Sway might go -- my reasoning: there were FOUR male contestants who were strictly Pop/Top 40 singers: Sway, Ace, Elliot, and Chris. All four are the best male singers, but Sway's performance was the worst of those four. Had Ace tanked, or Elliot -- they would have been out the door instead. Chris might have survived a bad night because he also appeals to the "rocker" voters (the Bo Bice voters). All three are a little safer next week, but they could still lose another among them before we get to the Top 12. The other male singers seem to have specialized themselves, which will help them as we approach the final 12. We could possibly see Bucky Covington and/or Michael Covias in the final twelve, but not because they're the best singers -- because they're catering to a niche audience. In fact, Covias' competition will never be any of the remaining Four Bulls -- it will be William Makar until one of them goes (they both cater to Josh Groban fans). Whichever of the two of them survives the other could very well make it to the top three or four before they're eliminated (because neither is good enough to win). Which kind of brings me to a critique of the judges: when they're doing auditions, they often eliminate contestants that can sing decently because they feel they can't compete against Britney Spears or Justin Timberlake. Hello! Singers that good don't need American Idol, and the show has yet to harvest a winner with pipes anywhere near that good. There was one young lady who worked with the elderly whose beautiful voice reminded them of Doris Day, and she was nixed. Somehow, they thought Radford's Sinatra impersonations were something young 14-year-olds with cash would want to buy instead. Throughout the previous four years, the show has changed. The show not only is producing a potential Top 40 star, they're producing niche artists as well -- people who can make a living singing styles of music other than pop. The show ought to recognize this, and start putting through the best vocals from day one -- and not just who they think is the next Kelly Clarkson, and from looking at this bunch, they didn't seem to do a very good job at that! (Either that, or they need to fire Randy and Paula who keep voting in these "lost causes"). So, if you wanna try out for the show -- do a good job of singing your favorite pop song, but have a back up "niche" audience as well. Even if you aren't the best, you could still make it the top three or four -- and that alone can get you a record deal. Even if you sound like Doris Day.|W|P|114143256930885188|W|P|How to Win American Idol|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/03/2006 05:39:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|From the Kimberley Locke Official website: ----------------------------------------- Meet Kimberley in person at LANE BRYANT/The Summit Sierra in Reno, Nevada, March 25th from Noon until 2pm. The first 100 customers in line receive an autographed copy of Kimberley's new single SUPAWOMAN. There will also be gift card giveaways! (www.lanebryant.com) April 10 Kim sings the National Anthem at the Pittsburg Pirates Opening Day. Get ready to request SUAWOMAN. Stay tuned for details on when and what radio stations to call!!! For more information on Kimberley Locke visit www.kimberleylockeweb.com|W|P|114142927632574455|W|P|Kimberley Locke at Lane Bryant - Reno|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/02/2006 08:30:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|For a while now, most of us who've followed the show realize that many that go far in the contest aren't what the show makes them out to be -- ordinary people from Timbuktu who step in front of spotlight for the first time during audition week. The Kelly Pickler's of the world are very, very few, and TMZ.com (an AOL site) showed how Ace Young is yet another example of someone in the entertainment business who is using the show to kickstart a career that can't gain traction through the usual routes. Just a young kid from Anywhere, USA? Think again. He guest-starred in an episode of UPN's Half-and-Half last year as a . . . get this . . . a singing athelete. Not only did he get to show whatever acting abilities he may or may not have, he also got to sing. Yeah -- this isn't Ace Young's first time to sing before a national audience. Apparently, no one was interested . . . so, Ace is on American Idol. Check out TMZ for the video evidence. Other "recycled" contestants this year: Jose "Sway" Penala (got a contract with his boyband, didn't make the big time). Kinnik Sky, a working Hollywood actress. Taylor Hicks, the front man for a Southern band . . . that sells out performances locally. Yeah . . . it's still all so sweet and innocent. Whether he wins or not, Ace DID get a consolation prize from his prior TV appearance: he's dating one of the stars of that show, Essence Atkins.|W|P|114135398611785923|W|P|Ace Young -- Recycled Star|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/02/2006 08:08:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Or, at least I think it is. The steadfast "Claymates" are already starting to break up, some of them have sent a complaint to the FTC, claiming "false advertizing, and manipulation" concerning their buying into the image of Clay Aiken as a "wholesome" Christian. One writer surmises that the Gospel Music Association may have to rethink some of their awards scheduled for this April -- Clay was nominated for his Christmas album. Perhaps the worst news to come out against Clay were recent photo's published by Star magazine, allegedly showing Clay chatting online (these are webcam shots) on a gay dating site, with one picture presumabely showing Clay revealing his thickening torso. Jossip.com currently has a copy of these pictures on their site. We have no beef with whether Clay is gay or not, but obviously, many of his fans do (did ya really think North Carolinians would approve?). None of the things he's done are wrong or illegal . . . but, perhaps it was a bit dishonest to sell yourself as a Christian virgin while tramping yourself on the internet . . . allegedly. Currently, Clay is still our number two Idol on our Top Ten list -- he's only behind Kelly Clarkson in record sales.|W|P|114135240546076756|W|P|Clay's Career is Officially Over|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/02/2006 09:04:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous ForClayOnly|W|P|Clay's career is FAR from over, it's only just begun.

Clay is too talented, intelligent, charming, witty and lovable to end his career.

Clay will put out another multi-platinum CD, continue to sell out concert venues around the country, and rake in the bucks.

I aint worried, Clay aint going ANYWHERE. He still has the best voice EVER, and millions of fans that love him, unconditionally.3/02/2006 09:09:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous ClayFan|W|P|No way. YOU think wrong, sir (or ma'am, who ARE you anyway?).

Clay's career is fine and going strong.

Why do people post this nonsense? Is it really FUN to get people all riled up?

Give me a friggin break.3/02/2006 09:13:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous ClayMate #1|W|P|Clay is the best singer ever, and his new CD will be AWESOME. If you THINK Clay's career is "over", you must mean OVER and ABOVE all the rest.3/02/2006 09:13:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous StillLovesClay|W|P|Clay may be YOUR number two idol, but he's my number ONE. Can't wait for the new CD. Love that voice, love that Clay Aiken.3/02/2006 09:15:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous HeCanStillSing|W|P|Who cares about his sexuality. Just let him sing.
That voice will getcha if you give it half a chance.3/02/2006 09:23:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous The ONLY Idol|W|P|Clay Aiken is the ONLY Idol.

Career over? HAH! NO WAY. Just wait and see.

Number two? HAH! What accounting firm came up with the numbers? Probably the same idiots that counted the votes in May 2003 - "accidentally" forget to count the several hundred thousand others that voted for Clay.

Clay is THE MAN. The singer. The Best. Gay, straight, bi, celibate - does NOT matter to 99.99% of his adoring fans, THIS one included.3/02/2006 09:46:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous NotAClaymate|W|P|Just a fan. All the media hype about Clay's fanbase is bull. It's large and diverse; not just teenyboppers and grandmas.

Also, the majority of fans don't give one crap about Clay's private life. Some do, but not all. Just like any other group of fans.

The webcam face pics are fake, they are doctored pics from Clay meeting fans at his bus after a concert.

The headless body is way too chunky to be skinny boy Clay. He was skin and bones in December.

The IMs are fake, anyone can write those - hello. And he didn't get jiggy with that guy in NC. Good grief.

People in the media, get.over.it. Give it up. You can hate on Clay and the Claymates, Clayniacs, Claymanics or whatever all day long.

We.don't.care.3/02/2006 10:05:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous Maggiemae|W|P|There might never be a statement from anyone until Clay's new CD drops. If asked at that time, I am sure he will address it. To do so now, would explode the coverage of the lie.

I think it is time to set aside competition among all the AI fans. They are each such nice people and great performers. If they can be friends with one another, I feel the fans should respect that. I hate the fact that AI produced the competition between some of the stars much longer than needed.

Peace!3/02/2006 11:19:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous aexapo|W|P|Thanks for all the comments so far, and to whoever put the link up on Perez' site -- wasn't me.

I agree with most of you -- I don't think it matters whether he's gay or not, but apparently it matters to a lot of people. We'll just wait and see if his record company doesn't mind the controversy.

A few things I disagree with . . .

Clay is not the most successful American Idol -- he would have had to have sold more records than Kelly Clarkson, and he hasn't done that. And Carrie Underwood is close on his heels, so he may drop to #3 before it's all over with.

And of course, he's not the best singer of all time. Geesh! He'd have had to have sold more records than the Beetles, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston . . . should I continue?

Two million records is a flash in the pan if he can't do it again. Most of those above have sold TENS of millions. We'll see.3/02/2006 11:23:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous YepItsOver|W|P|Clay's days of barebacking and manipulating vulnerable lonely women are over. Maybe he can milk the Gaymates for the rest of their pennies before he moves to Europe with Kris(ty) for a civil union.3/03/2006 12:10:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous Whisper|W|P|Clay Aiken is bisexual. I know this for a fact and I know behind the scenes he is into all kinds of freaky.

Clay is a virgin and wants to be a virgin until marriage, he is just having anal now to satisfy his sexual appetite. (sorry kids but it's true) I know a guy that knows him and he actually said he does want to get married someday, idk if it's true though.3/03/2006 12:12:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous Rob|W|P|Clay Aiken is the only American Idol to go triple platinum with one CD. He will be the most successful. The man can sing.

I think Kelly Clarkson isn't that great, she is just the original winner of the thing. Carrie Underwood is average.3/03/2006 12:15:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous Wesley Williams|W|P|Kelly Clarkson could use some voice lessons. She isn't that marketable. I think America votes for her because she gives them hope. Carrie Underwood is just really boring to me. She's not even marketable, she's fat and has a big fat face that annoys me. Anyone else notice the fat chub girls taking over with average to below average voices? I think the show is shit and the votes are rigged. Funny they call it American Idol when the creator of the show is an Englishman. I will admit Clay has shape and form to his voice. He is better than the chicks. None of them compare to Whitney Houston in her prime or Mariah Carey or Christina Aguilera.3/03/2006 12:17:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous AC/DC|W|P|Kelly's voice isn't distinctive, that's the problem. She is nothing special. The only good thing about her is the fact she is a showman, she has stage pressence but in reality she is white trash. Carrie is the same way honestly. Carrie ripped off Leanne Rhyme's song style and she probably won't sell anymore, this is it for her. I'll admit I never liked Clay but his voice is better than most.3/03/2006 12:18:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous Kiwi|W|P|Carrie Underwood is fat. She looks like she is related to the grey haired guy that is on idol. Plump porkers! LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo3/03/2006 08:46:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous kellyrocks|W|P|Being gay hasn't hurt Kelly Clarkson. She embraces it and so do her fans. She is doing real good. I am her biggest fan.3/04/2006 01:27:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous NotAClaymate|W|P|Oh my good lord. The whole world is gay if you believe all the gay people. And all the Claymates are homophobes. Give me a freaking break people.

Stereotype: Look it up.

Funny how everyone knows something about Clay. What a crock. I live in Raleigh, I know lots of people. Clay is not gay. He is naive and unexperienced but he's not a virgin either. Yeah, he's effiminate. So what?

A girl he used to date at the Y said all they did was "make out" whatever that entails. She had no complaints though. Some girl at UNCC said she slept with him. Big whoop.

Funny how everyone involved in this "rumor" is male and gay. Masters, Hilton, Lucas, Paulus, this "Boston teacher" all gay men.

Methinks Mr Aiken may have pissed someone off. We all know he's stubborn and can get pissy. Do you think a good way to "get someone back" who is very religious would be to call them gay? Um, yeah.

Whatever. People who spend more time on people they hate than on people they love have a problem.

I hope they can evolve someday soon - for their sake.3/04/2006 03:40:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous Slick|W|P|A Clay Aiken and Heather Headley signed poster is for sale at eBay - this is a fundraiser for Broadway Cares, Equity Fights Aids.

BC/EFA is an organization whose mission is:

- to mobilize the unique abilities within the entertainment
industry to mitigate the suffering of individuals affected by HIV/AIDS

- to ensure direct support specifically through the social services and programs of the Actors' Fund to all individuals in the entertainment industry affected by critical health issues, including but not limited to HIV/AIDS

- to support organizations across the country which provide treatment or services for people specifically affected by HIV/AIDS and their families.

- to increase national and international public awareness and understanding of hiv/aids through the creation and dissemination of educational materials and the provision of support thereof,

- to promote and encourage public support for programs and services which benefit people living with HIV/AIDS

- to facilitate the fundraising capabilities specifically of the theatre community, in order to address and support an urgent crisis or need in the name of the theatre community, as directed by the board of trustees


Spread the word!3/05/2006 12:13:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous Frank|W|P|Clay Aiken is bisexual. Why do you think he denied being gay but never admitted he was straight? Someone posted that and the more I think about it the more I know it's true. I use to date a guy that was just like Clay (minus the voice but he had dark hair) but this guy acted identical and he was into both men and women. He told me that he never had sex with women but he slept with three guys in his life. The guy is a swinger. All gay guys want him to be gay and all straight women want him to be straight so they should all be heaven knowing he likes both. That boy is into all kinds of freaky!3/05/2006 12:16:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous Never|W|P|Wesley, Sarah Brightman and Charlotte Church own Whitney Houston in her prime, as well as, Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera. Apparently you don't know that Sarah Brightman is one of the highest selling vocalists ever. She can outsing anyone that she even made Andrew Lloyd Webber fall in love with her (a composer, huge composer)3/05/2006 12:19:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous LOL|W|P|Frank, Clay told John Paulus that he told his family, friends, and people close to him that he was gay. Wouldn't he have said bisexual if that were true?3/05/2006 12:22:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous Mary Rossman|W|P|I am bisexual and I have told people that I was gay before. I think it's implied really. If you are bisexual you aren't completely straight, even though you can admit you are straight and if you are gay, you can't be completely gay, even though you are in denial.

Clay is in denial with his sexuality and just confused. I honestly think he is bisexual but has only engaged in sexual contact with men because he picked up men online for sexual encounters. I talked to John and John is a nice guy and he has shown me enough proof to believe him. I don't think people should hate on him and I don't think people should hate on Clay. I think people should just drop this and let things die.3/09/2006 12:51:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous Idolfan|W|P|A few things seem very obvious to me:

1. Clay is gay
2. Just because he's gay, doesn't mean he's not a Christian, even if he hooks up online
3. He doesn't need the right wingers to have a career
4. There is no way that was his real chest in the photo. He is skinnier than that.3/09/2006 01:11:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous Idolfan|W|P|oh, also. . .i just read that star article. . and these comments. this is all very funny, with the people saying he's gay or bi or straight or "into all kinds of freaky" even though he's a "virgin." If your not having sex, how freaky can it be?

Anyway, I'm LMAO. The whole lawsuit thing is really funny. As someone who works in the entertainment industry, I can assure you that it is quite common for artists, singers, actors, whatever to have written into their contracts that they cannot discuss their homosexuality. This was true for Rosie O'Donnell and is the reason that she had been out prior to her talk show career and then went back in the closet during her talk show years and then came out immediately upon terminating her contract for the show. This is undoubtedly true for gay American Idol singers given the extra care that the franchise takes with manipulating the would-be-star's image. False marketing is laughable in the media business? Hello. . Celebrity is a construct. You're not being sold reality. . If you wanted reality then you can see it in your own life. People pay for fantasy, folks.

Clay has done what he had to do to get what he needed from the AI experience. Now, he probably feels "stuck." Just hope he doesn't go the route of George Michael. . who incidentally everyone knew was gay forever also, but then suddenly he had to "come out" after the whole bathroom scandal. Well, maybe if people got over it, then he wouldn't have had to hide for so long in the first place and the bathroom incident needn't have happened.

How about Rock Hudson, Cary Grant, Tom Cruise (same sad story), Richard Geer, Cindy Crawford, Ellen DeGeneres, etc., etc., etc. . . .

Who knew Kelly Clarkson was gay? I've never heard that one. . .3/02/2006 07:57:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|As a wild card, I surmised that Sway Penala was vulnerable for eviction -- not because he was one of the worst singers among the males. Far from it -- he was probably the third or fourth best male vocalist. So, why is he leaving the show? I believe it is because he was splitting the same core audience with Ace Young, Elliot Yamin, and Chris Daughtry -- the Top 40 voters. No other music genre was split four ways, and this is why he left. The other three should be safe through to the Top 12 finals. To understand how this happened, just remember when the "three divas" during season three were in the bottom three. Along with George Huff, those four singers split the R&B vote 3-4 ways. There was no way they could all stay in, and one of them -- Fantasia -- became the eventual winner.|W|P|114135139805690451|W|P|SWAY EVICTED|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/02/2006 07:53:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|David was the third voted off . . . as I predicted, Sway Penala was one of the "surprise" three lowest, and could still get evicted. It's between him and Kevin Covias.|W|P|114135090112255380|W|P|David Radford -- Third Off|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/03/2006 01:47:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous isa burger|W|P|David did not deserve to be voted off! He is truly a talented, charming, gorgeous kid who has all the life ahead of him, it's just that his style is more mature and less Pop culture, which is great in my eyes.
Don't worry David... You ARE a star already and I can't wait to buy your CD.3/02/2006 07:36:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Heather Cox was the second female off the show tonight, leaving the third lowest vote-getter, Kinnik Sky, to sing another day. Get it together, Kinnik! You got the pipes . . . stop fooling around!|W|P|114134986655707391|W|P|Heather OFF, Kinnik safe AGAIN|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/02/2006 07:31:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Brenna Gethers was the first contestant evicted from tonight's American Idol. She received the lowest votes among the females, and hers was the first eviction tonight following a performance of Jesus, Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood, winner of season four.|W|P|114134960333754486|W|P|Brenna Gethers First Off!|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/02/2006 06:51:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|TV Squad has a hilarious rip on their five worst offenders on the show -- people without the best talent that kept getting voted through. Here's the best jab they through -- at Nikki McKibbin!
Nikki is the all-time worst offender on American Idol and she made it all the way to the Top 3 in season one. She received more votes than Tamyra Gray and Christina Christian. I remember Simon telling her flat-out that she didn't deserve to be there and wondered who the hell was voting for her.
|W|P|114134720704159830|W|P|The Five Idols Who Wouldn't Go Away|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/01/2006 08:32:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Tonight, a few of the men's performances in the semi-finals of American Idol 5 (final 10 men) were great, and most were good. But, two will go home, and here's how it all breaks down. Best Performance of the Night: Chris Daughtry, hands down -- even the judges agreed. Simon said it was the performance by which all the others would be compared, and Randy said the performance itself could be a hit radio single. Next Best: Elliot Yamin, who sang a difficult song with ease. All the judges agreed, but Simon said the song itself wouldn't win him the competition. Faltering: Ace Young who's falsetto wowwed the judges, but sounded like a whelping dog over the TV screen. Were they on dope? He's a good singer, but it was horrible tonight. Also, Sway's vocals were smooth, but he didn't shine as much this week as last. Surprises: Gedeon McKinney wowwed the judges and the audience with a Sam Cooke number, but he's yet to really belt a number to send tons of kids his age to the telephone to vote. Kevin Covias had his best night, but he still wasn't better than most of his competition. Hanging steady: William Makar sang "Lady," and it was boring. Things going for him: the 11 year olds will love him, and Simon Cowell said as much. Taylor Hicks was . . . well, he was just Taylor Hicks. Decent performance, but he won't win. And neither will Bucky Covington whose performance tonight makes him more vulnerable than last week's. I have noticed this week that some of the weaker performers (those particular that are aware that they aren't the best contestants this season) are getting intimidated by the power singers. Bucky was one of them, and it showed. The other one whose confidence seemed to shrink since last week was David Radford who shrank back to safe Sinatra, glarred at the judges when they offered advice, and for a moment, seemed like he was going to walk off the show (or at least to the green room to bawl). It's pretty obvious he'll be going home tomorrow, and it seemed that he knew it. Whose going home? Two of these three: David Radford, Bucky Covington, and Kevin Covias. Surprise evictions?: Gedeon McKinney (who wouldn't win anyway), Taylor Hicks, or . . . (dum, dum, dum, DUM) . . . Sway Penala? Reasons Sway might go? The show only has four really stand-out male performers, and Sway is one of these Four Bulls (as I call them). However, nearly all the males that remain have their own little "niche" audience, and the voting could actually be very tight. If any of Sway's votes swing to the other three Bulls, he could lose enough to be kicked off the show. He really needs a super-strong performance (which we all know he can do) to stay in at this point -- he's fighting for the same core audience that they are: people that love really good Top 40 music. Core audiences of the singers: Ace, Sway, Elliot, Chris: Top 40 Chris: Rock (got two things for him there!) Gideon McKinney: old-school R&B Kevin Covias, William Makar: the Josh Groban swooners David Radford: Big Band (and we all know far this carried John "Red" Stevens! Ugh!) Bucky Covington: Country Taylor Hicks: Country/Blues Unfortunately, I think those "core audiences" may thin out singers within a certain genre before we see some of the mediocre singers leaving. Remember how the Four Divas faired two years ago? Sway could be counting down his days . . . If you want to vote strategically tonight, vote for Sway. He needs it.|W|P|114126865208262149|W|P|Sway Could Be in Trouble|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/01/2006 03:57:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Whether or not Ayla Brown will be the next American Idol is still a fate to be decided. Should she need an sympathetic shoulder, her father's in a "most favorite" contest as well -- he's spending this season running for the office of Lieutinant Governor for the state of Massachussetts. In case you're wondering which side of the political bread he butters -- he's a Republican, elected to serve already in that state's Senate.|W|P|114125054745057226|W|P|Ayla's Dad Political Aspirations|W|P|admin@queertexan.com3/01/2006 03:48:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Newsflash! Carrie Underwood, last year's champ, will perform Jesus Take the Wheel on Thursday's results show. According to the Futon Critic,
"Jesus, Take the Wheel" spent six weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, while Underwood's debut album "Some Hearts" is No. 1 on the Top Country Albums chart for the 11th straight week.
This will be Carrie's first time back on the hit show since her win last spring, and will probably be her only return visit since the show rarely invites back stars from the previous seasons more than once. Some of us think the former Idols should be showcased more frequently, but we don't make the rules . . . we just report on the show.|W|P|114125014170033228|W|P|Carrie on Thursday's Idol|W|P|admin@queertexan.com