4/27/2006 05:49:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Today, we're beginning our first podcast -- a weekly (hopefully) three-minute news roundup of all things American Idol. Included in this podcast . . . Music for this episode: "stereo loud" by kingfinity (podshow.com/music) Listen | Podcast Feed|W|P|114617939569913414|W|P|Idol Minute (Podcast #001)|W|P|admin@queertexan.com5/17/2006 11:44:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous idolfan987|W|P|Hey,

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C ya.4/27/2006 12:55:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|The fifth season of American Idol is never without it's surprises -- and its surprise tonight was that "there's no such thing as a sure thing." Wagering sites near and far predicted an exit for Paris Bennett, but Bennett pulled off another strong number -- securing her place as Kellie's fans gave up on her faltering performances and fading stage presence. The bettor's weren't off too much -- Paris was still the second worst vote-getter. The oddsmakers also didn't predict that Chris Daughtry would make a "come-back" performance or that Katharine's much-panned performance would now garner an apology from the same judges ("It was much better on the playback . . ."). Chris Daughtry -- now and once again -- is the most popular male vocalist while last week's favorite, Taylor Hicks, is back down in the muddling middle with another perfecting vocalist, Elliot Yamin. Taylor and Yamin aren't the worst performers, but they are the most volatile. They can pull out the best, and quickly sink back into the worst -- proving that Hicks doesn't have what it takes to win this competition. Loser of the week: DialIdol.com -- once the Idol "Prophet," now just a back-alley bookie. Stats from this program were once touted as being so accurate that some sports gambling sites were using it for their odds-making. For the kick-off show this week, DialIdol.com predicted that Taylor and Chris were the top two, and that Paris would be evicted. Well, they were wrong about Paris, and now we know that America has bumped Taylor back to number four . . . three at best. The top two, revised: Katharine McPhee and Chris Daughtry (in either order). One of them will win -- the others will not, and this week proved it.|W|P|114611843513506436|W|P|Idol Unpredictable|W|P|admin@queertexan.com5/18/2006 12:08:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous idolfan987|W|P|Hey,

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C ya.5/23/2006 06:13:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Hi, Nice! http://t973783est0.com [url=http://t973783est1.com]test1[/url] test24/25/2006 11:11:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P| Is there a shakeup in the works for American Idol? Well, for starters, Paris Bennett is now favored to be evicted -- and this is all before she even gets to sing tonight, according to Gambling911.com. They're using the DialIdol.com stats -- proving to be the most predictive (83.3%). Betting odds are against her as she has the smallest and least consistent fanbase, especially now that Ace Young is gone. How these betting odds forecast the future is also a bit interesting -- they place Taylor Hicks in a strong first place finish (if you're one to believe that least likely to be evicted predicts the contest winner), ahead of Katharine and ahead of Chris Daughtry. Also, on BetCRIS.com (a site that allows you to bet on the top two finalists) the odds are against Chris again (once the presumed victor) -- they have Taylor and Katharine placing in the top two. Another Gambling911.com article suggests that the odds are in their favor based on hits to their site from fanpages. Hits are greatest from the McPhee and Hicks fansites. Last week, Taylor never needed to leave the couch as others lined up for possible eviction. Was this a hint from producers?|W|P|114598400185638342|W|P|Idol Shakeup|W|P|admin@queertexan.com5/18/2006 01:18:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous idolfan987|W|P|Hey,

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C ya.4/22/2006 01:31:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Okay, time for some serious predictions here. It may be obvious already to most fans, but here's my two cents on the matter anyway. The top two will be Chris Daughtry and Katharine McPhee. It's still Chris' to lose, but -- like the rocker before him -- rock often fades to the sweet profits of pop, and Katharine may prove to be the most marketable pop-princess to ever emerge from the show. There's nothing wrong with her voice that good editing can't make better, and she's much cuter than Britney OR Christina . . . her voice being better than only the former. All we need is the peroxide. She's a diamond in the rough, but I think there's more than one jeweler ready with a pick. There's a fight now for third -- it's between Kelly and Paris. If one leaves early -- it will belong to the survivor. Neither will place higher. No gold, silver, or bronze for Elliot or Taylor. Career predictions: I believe that this group of finalists will gain more major (successful) recording contracts than the current winner, season two (Clay, Ruben, Kimberley, Joshua). Currently, I believe five current contestants could get successful deals (excluding Elliot), with a possible gospel contract for Mandisa. Season One only produced one success (Kelly Clarkson), along with season three (Fantasia), with season four currently in second (Carrie, Bo). Currently, I'm measuring "success" as having at least one hit single, and selling at least 200,000 albums.|W|P|114568832182966854|W|P|And the Winner is . . . (FINAL PREDICTIONS)|W|P|admin@queertexan.com4/19/2006 08:34:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Finally, Ace was evicted, and right on schedule. However, though he was rightly part of the bottom three performers tonight, it was one of his better performances, and it was a little surprising that Tuesday's worst performance (Kellie) didn't warrant a hand-spanking by fans. Apparently, Kellie doesn't even need to sing any more -- her fans will vote anyway. Whether she deserves it or not, she's now in the top 3. I'm also surprised he got less votes than Elliot, but maybe I've underestimated Yamin's fan base in the past. Worse things have happened. Shocker of the night: Chris Daughtry and Paris Bennett shared the bottom three with Ace.|W|P|114549716420288840|W|P|Ace Is Out|W|P|admin@queertexan.com4/19/2006 11:14:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|People.com and Gambling911.com get in on the odds of who gets the boot. The online version of the popular magazine gives an "on-the-button" review of last night's performance, and wonders if Yamin might go (despite the Pickler fiasco -- she still have fans, remember), while the betting site says odds are extraordinarily going against the Pickler staying in the competition (+1100 odds on elimination). We'll see tonight, after a stirring performance by Rod Stewart.|W|P|114546362537710555|W|P|Who's to Go? Yamin Vs. Pickler|W|P|admin@queertexan.com4/19/2006 12:32:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Who will be the next American Idol? Now that all of the non-talent has left the show (sorry, Bucky!), all we're left with are contestants who each deserve a shot at the title, and with a few exceptions, they pretty much all deserve it. As a couple of former contestants were musing on American Idol Extra (Fox Reality), this is the most talented group of contestants the show has ever had at this stage of the game. I won't regurgitate the performances, but they all sang classic tunes from music's "golden age," big band, jazz, easy listening, etc. Only one performance really stood out -- and that was Kelly Pickler's -- she absolutely bombed! She started off a little weak, and then by the end of the song, was about a step or two ahead of the band, and she didn't try to recover -- she just sang ahead of the band until her finish. Truly awful, and a lack of showmanship (not to mention - intelligence!) Predictions: Bottom three will be Kelly Pickler, Elliot Yamin, and probably Taylor Hicks. Kelly will be in the bottom simply because she deserved it this week, Elliot because he's slowly becoming the weakest performer, and Taylor -- just because he didn't shine as much tonight. I believe that Ace Young redeemed himself this week with his voters, and Katharine McPhee should be safe as well. Wildcard for the bottom three? Katharine. Last time Cowell deemed her performance "best of the night," she ended up in the bottom. Evicted? I believe it will be Elliot Yamin. Beautiful voice, but no stage presence. Kelly could survive based on past performances.|W|P|114542549310741906|W|P|And Now the Contest Begins!|W|P|admin@queertexan.com4/15/2006 01:22:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|As a growing blogger myself (I publish this blog and another, more personal blog), I always appreciate requests from fellow "Idol bloggers" to exchange links. Thanks to those who've requested this and linked me to their sites. Currently, I will not be updating the links on this site, or any other major updates to IdolsRising.com until the current season of American Idol is completed. Blogger.com is a headache, and adding links manually here is a pain in the rear -- to be nice about it. There are better formats, and I will be switching from blogger during the summer or fall of this year as I have already done with my personal blog. Again, my apologies -- I simply do not have time to manually type in links in HTML code at this time, and since blogger doesn't provide an easier way to adjust the settings and templates, I will be upgrading the site at another server in the near future. To my regular visitors and fans -- this means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I have no intention of closing this site, and you'll be able to get right to the site (wherever it's at) by simply typing in Idolsrising.com. The only change is that one day it will be served by Blogger.com, and the next day, there will be a nicer site using an easier server. Thanks again to all my viewers -- this service WILL REMAIN; don't worry about a thing. To my fellow American Idol bloggers -- please forgive what may seem to be rudeness, but I just don't have the time to play games with Blogger. It's been much easier to spend a few bucks (with my other blog) and use an easier service, such as the free software you can get from WordPress. Check it out.|W|P|114508268424191219|W|P|Idol Link Requests|W|P|admin@queertexan.com4/12/2006 09:12:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Finally! No repeat of the last five years, where awful singers come within a heartbeat of the title. No more Nicky McKibbens and Anthony Federov's in third place, no more Scott Savols ahead of Constantine Maroulis or Anwar Robinsons. The worst singer this year has finally been evicted. Bucky Covington is OUT in eighth place. This week, instead of a headlining star performing on results night, American Idol tried a new gimmick called "let's see how we can keep people tuned in for an extra half hour and not give them anything extra in return." The gimmick? They added an extra half hour for no reason what-so-ever, and showed a bunch of sappy videos, then had the final three sing before revealing the results. My take on it? An enormous waste of time. Without a celebrity performance, tonight's show should have only lasted fifteen minutes. For those of you with TiVo's and DVRs -- keep that finger on fast-forward. Tonight's show was a HUGE time-waster. Next week on results night, they'll have Rod Stewart singing the oldies. Methinks they could do better . . . like getting KELLY CLARKSON?!?!? To tell the producers to get Kelly Clarkson on to perform on results night, email 'em by clicking HERE.|W|P|114489567464607824|W|P|Bucky's Going Bye-Bye|W|P|admin@queertexan.com4/14/2006 11:04:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous pt_star|W|P|They should! lol :-P4/14/2006 07:04:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous brittany|W|P|that really sucked that bucky went home i really liked him and i thought that the other night he did way better then some people(no names)!
i'm going to miss him!!!!4/14/2006 07:06:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous amanda|W|P|i really don't think that it should of been buckys last night on the show!4/12/2006 10:08:00 AM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Carrie Underwood's debut album, Some Hearts, has now been certified triple platinum, which bumps her up past Ruben Studdard on our Top Ten list (a performance-based list). Carrie now holds the 3rd place on that list, having sold the most records after Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken. Some Hearts, however, is the best selling debut album of any American Idol winner, so look for her to bump Clay down from #2 soon, and start giving Kelly a run for her money! In other news, Carrie won two awards on the 4th Annual CMT awards this week -- best Breakthrough Video, and Female Video. Congratulations!|W|P|114485501721643744|W|P|Carrie Jumps to #3, Wins CMT|W|P|admin@queertexan.com4/11/2006 09:10:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Tonight's theme on American Idol 5 was the music of Queen, and for the most part, the contestants stepped up to the plate and gave solid performances. Check here for a play by play . . . onto the predictions: Bottom three: Bucky Covington, Ace Young with a third possibility being either Elliot Yamin or Paris Bennett. Bucky is still the worst singer, but somehow he's got some sort of fan base. Most likely to get evicted: Ace Young. Tomorrow night's results show is a surprising ONE HOUR long, and despite the final eight performing a Queen song, we at Idolsrising.com believe that "something's up." Generally, once a year, the producers throw a wrench into their methodical format -- usually, in the form of a double eviction. Less likely -- a surprise "placement" of judges' choices for "second-chance" contestants (remember Clay Aiken, anyone?). Anything could happen, and they don't give us an HOUR LONG results night for nothing! Stay tuned (our dough's on the double eviction)!|W|P|114480836312964252|W|P|Queens and Idols; Double eviction on Thursday?|W|P|admin@queertexan.com4/07/2006 10:00:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Mandisa insists that reports calling her a gay-hater are totally false. She insists that she hates no one, and that she lets "love be my guide." However, when the interviewer for Advocate magazine asked her if she would be comfortable performing at a gay event, she said, "I would not, no." She continued,
"Based on what I believe, I'm not an advocate for [being gay], so it's nothing I would take part in."
We respect her personal beliefs, but to the millions of gays and lesbians who don't believe their sexual orientation is a choice, at least they now know where she stands: She doesn't advocate them being themselves. She said her beliefs were based on the Bible, but no word on whether or not she believes in the Bible's prescription for homosexuality -- death by stoning. Yeah, that's a bit extreme, but that's also why a lot of people don't take the Bible seriously anymore, and why it's hypocritical (for those who do) to pick and choose what they will take seriously from that same book. Since she's outed herself as a homo-bigot, unlike the Advocate, we don't wish her luck. Cruise ships or choir socials . . . something like that. |W|P|114446978579585838|W|P|Mandisa's Gay-Hating Flip-flopping|W|P|admin@queertexan.com4/06/2006 07:58:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|TMZ reports backstage buzz regarding Mandisa's vote-off this week: she teed off the gay community with last week's gospel song with the pre-song testimony that included references to overcoming "lifestyles." She credits anti-gay lecturer, Beth Moore, as her "personal American Idol," which not only says alot about her politics, but makes you wonder why the issue is so personal. Repression, anyone? Maybe she was going for the Claymaniac vote -- I hear they're a hero short nowadays. I think Mandisa's days as a disco-diva have just vanished into thin air. Look for her on the gospel circuit -- maybe she'll do better than George Huff or Ruben Studdard.|W|P|114437187474708333|W|P|Evicting Mandisa -- a Testimony|W|P|admin@queertexan.com4/05/2006 09:38:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Mandisa was voted off of tonight's result show after a performance by legendary country star, Kenny Rogers. Mandisa shared the "bottom three" stage with Elliot Yamin (both predicted by me), with a shocking third being Paris Bennett. At this stage, everyone currently in the show has the capacity to win, with the notable exception being Bucky Covington. Next week's theme has already been announced -- the music of Queen, a technically difficult rock group. Next week will really sort the rest of 'em.|W|P|114429151742075507|W|P|Mandisa Moves On|W|P|admin@queertexan.com4/05/2006 09:32:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Mario Vazquez' first single should hit the airways soon -- "Gallery," has been sent to radio stations nationwide. It was produced by legendary producer Clive Davis, who generally gets "first dibs" on signing the finalists of American Idol.|W|P|114429107078699864|W|P|Mario Music|W|P|admin@queertexan.com4/04/2006 08:02:00 PM|W|P|aexapo|W|P|Tonight's American Idol was all about country, and who better than Kenny Rogers (albeit mostly unrecognizable from weight loss and plastic surgery) than to help the finalists make it to the next round. Mostly, the songs were boring (as Simon informed us frequently), but for the most part, the performances of most were better than before. Improved from last week's nightmare: Ace Young and Kelly Pickler. Bombs: Mandisa and Taylor Hicks, each giving their worst performance ever (which was a surprise considering Hicks is from the South). Kelly and Rocky Covington were in their element, and Rocky gave his best performance yet -- but, still not good enough for him to not still be the worst over-all singer in this year's competition. Katharine McPhee used her chops like never before, giving us hints of Christina Aguilera, showing us for the first time that she's one of the few that deserve to win. Of course, there were other hints as well, which made me wonder if she wasn't lip-syncing. Eviction Predictions: Don't be surprised to see Mandisa and Taylor in the bottom three. Rocky's got a fifty-fifty chance of being down there -- his core "country" audience will either love or hate his performance, but I've got a sneaky suspicion that the third one will be Elliot Yamin who gave a good, but safe performance.|W|P|114419974334589652|W|P|Tuesday's Wrap-up|W|P|admin@queertexan.com